Friday, October 19, 2012

Let's do it for Friday!

Good (somewhat) Morning! 
Even though it's closer to the afternoon... I'm still sipping on my coffee, so let's just name this morning!
Any once else excited for the Weekend?
I feel like I live for these precious two days.
Dear Fall Decorations, I own a lot of you. You're in our Shed, but for some reason I just don't feel like walking out there, locating the Orange box and finding all of you! It's almost too late to decorate for Halloween - I'll just put this off until Thanksgiving decorations. Don't hate me!
Dear Pinterest, ever since upgrading from an iPhone 3 to an iPhone 5 I've had a whole new appreciation for you! I can really tell that we're going to have a lifelong friendship, especially if you keep sending these my way
doesn't this remind you of Kate Hudson in How to loose a guy in 10 days. source

or this bracelet
T.D.F (source)

And, last but certainly not least - this amazing article.
I highly suggest everyone read it! (source)

Dear Stephanie, thanks for you're delicious Chicken and Dumplings recipe. It's a new favorite in the Milton household (that's still weird)
(yes, we ate on TV trays last night - we both were super into Reba)
Dear Fair,  Get ready for us! We're coming to take Bingo by storm! Oh, and you too Beer Garden. As for rides, I'll be staying away from you.
Dear Nude shoes, I found you, I found you! At Aldo.. on clearance. YAY! You're one your way to my house, boo!
Dear Bailey, while you're absolutely adorable. It's ridiculous to wake up at 5am for food. Cut that ish out. Sleep in like all the other dogs in the world.
one last one..
Dear Brooke, have a blast tonight! You are one lucky girl! I want to see a full photo recap.


  1. Love the shoes, love the outfit, love Bailey! (you're right, not at 5 am. Sorry Bailey. Go to sleep.)
    Happy friday Kate!

  2. My stomach just audibly growled looking at the dumplins.

  3. That outfit is SO cute!!! And your dog is seriously precious!! Stopping by from Fridays Letters! Cute blog!! :)

  4. LOVE your blog :) And totally hear ya on Reba.. it's a staple at our house!

  5. Super cute outfit- pinterest has made it so easy to throw together outfits! Everybody is working for the weekend, can't wai tto check out that article!

  6. haha. Bailey, you need to come over and hang with Sherman. And you both need to let your moms get some sleep. Ok, so I actually have to wake Sherm up at 5 on the weekdays. BUT, the weekends are a different story. I actually want to sleep!

  7. Mmm chicken and dumplings -- looks delicious!

  8. Cute post girl! Hubby & I totally eat on TV trays too... LOL.

    Have a fab Monday!

  9. i love that bracelet! any idea where it can be purchased?

  10. Love that first pin/look! & that dog OMG to funny!


  11. 1. You need to start blogging again - YEAH, I BOSSED YA BUTT.

    2. I definitely just repinned that bracelet via Pinterest off you.

    3. Kate Hudson and Blake Lively are my fashion-inspirations...