Wednesday, October 3, 2012

That ish Cray

And believe me and you, I did NOT order Fish Filet.
But I did see Vintage Apple's Fabulous link-up going around the blog o'sphere and I knew this would be a fun one to link up...mostly because I'm a leeeeetle bit crazay.
You guys know what they say about that, right?
"She get it from her mommma"
(typical family shot face)
I guess to start this off, I should let y'all know a little secret.
I'm as Paranoid as they come, and I'm pretty sure this makes me crazy.
Every SVU, Criminal Minds or Dateline story - yup, I truly believe that all of that will happen to me. And I plot my ways out of them. Case in point:  when I'm home alone at night, I leave the keys and my dogs leash on my nightstand. You know, just incase Bailey and I need to jump out a window if our home is invaded. This is crazy enough, I'm not even going to touch on my other outlandish paranoid freakouts.

Does it make me crazy if I'm a 27 year old who eats like a 5 year old? Bagel bites are my jam. Oh, and Gusher. Love those. My palette is by no means 'refined'

I watch Reality shows like whoa, but it didn't start with Real Housewives. Nope, I have an 'addiction' to Real World. I've been watching it for years (think like New York, Chicago, Seattle) and I'm still obsessed. Even though I'm like 5 years older than everyone on the current season. Does that make me cray?

Speaking of being a little stuck in the past, I'm still highly obsessed with the 90's. Boybands and TGIF still make a very happy girl. But that can't posssssibly make me crazy!

I have a few more "crazy" little quirks
I genuinely have conversations with Bailey
I don't let my food touch.
I don't finish the end of the sandwich. ever.
When I go online shopping, I put everything in my cart and then just X out of the page.
Ever since watching Urban Legends, I have to check the backseat of my car at night
(I guess that goes back up to my first point)

And that's about it. Come share your Crazy with us!

ps. I really love that the only pictures in this post are me/momma and *Nsync 


  1. Nsync, check!
    Conversations with Bailey, double check. How's her piggy costume coming?

  2. The online shopping line made me legit LOL - welcome to my life.

    Also - I fall asleep on the couch at night quite a bit at like 8 cause I'm a 90 year old caught in a 29 year olds body - HOWEVER, my BF will go upstairs and leave scary shows on (SVU, Criminal Minds, anything with creepy music) and I wake up to them SCARED SHITLESS. There may have been a minor (major) freakout about having to leave Conan or something happy on TV when you leave me sleeping from now on.

  3. I too fill up my online cart and then dont fills my need to shop about 80% of what an actually purchase does!

  4. Bahaha. That *Nsync picture took me back to 1998...or '99...or whatever.

    I am famous for online "window shopping" and Xing out. It feels kind of good.

  5. HILARIOUS! I love the family shot face picture!

  6. I totally don't let my food touch as well. Complete opposite from the hubby who mixes everything together the second he gets it. lol. Fabulous post, Kate. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my latest interview about what it's like working with Lauren Conrad and some exciting TV projects. Thanks, love. xo

  7. Haha none of that makes you crazy!! I do the same thing with the backseat and the nightstand. and when hubby travels..every light in the house is on and I don't sleep. also- I love bagel bites, gushers and rock out to n*sync in my car at least twice a week, if not more :)