Monday, November 19, 2012

Birthday in the House

It's my favorite person's day of birth.
Our first one as husband and wife.

I've planned a few things these past few days to make him feel extra special. Saturday we had his family birthday dinner, I was able to persuade one of my friends to come over while we were at dinner and decorate our house before we hit the town.
Sidenote: Surprising someone when you live together is hard. Really hard. 

The house was decorated in his favorite colors (Orange and blue) and we had our pregame drinks in the form of a cake. 
Our family picture:

and then we went downtown to Jason's favorite country bar. It was a great time, minus the fact that this bar apparently didn't have a working AC. Let me just tell you, that is not okay in Florida. ever.

Today is his actual birthday, so I've planned a day full of surprises. I woke him up to funfetti pancakes (which we're horrible, by the way) and bacon. We're getting ready to head out to Gatorland and then have dinner planned tonight.

Happy Birthday, to my lifelong best friend. You are my heart and soul, and I hope you feel extra special today.



  1. Very thoughtful! :)

    Loveee the beer cake. I'm going to need a wine version of that for my birthday, maybe a little more difficult but not if made with boxes. I'll see what I can do about dropping some hints. :)

  2. What a great wife you are! I love the theme and it looks like you guys had a GREAT time!

  3. You are such an amazing wife! I bet he loved it :) XO

  4. I really wish I was married to you.
    I also love Bailey's face in that picture way more than I should. But seriously, I love Bailey.

  5. Good ol El Natural Light :) Ohhh memories..

  6. The color scheme is fab. Plus, the beer cake is too cool for school.

  7. happy birthday to your husband! i take it he's a florida fan, haha!

  8. aww, sweetest girlfriend ever. happy birthday to your hubs - I hope you guys have a great day! If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my latest post. xo

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