Friday, November 2, 2012

Country Music at it's finest

I just cannot get over how happy I was with the CMA's last night. I truly love everything about Country music and Country music singers. They embrace each other, praise each other and come together to support each other.
Country music is good for my soul
Here are a few of my favorite parts of the show.
Carrie, Carrie, Carrie
I mean... can she possibly get any more perfect? Her outfits were amazing. Each and every one of them! Her performance? to die for! The opening with Brad was hilarious and so fun! Her Gangnam style dance was a spot on. And, on top of all of this, Flo-Rida must have already taught her to whistle! There's is nothing this girl can't do.
My favorite outfits she wore last night were the sequin top/white skirt and the dramatic black dress. Stunning.
Which were yours?
Eric, Jason, and Luke
Words cannot express how happy this makes me. What a combo? The song was such a true-blue Country song, and the performance kicked booty. Speaking of booty, those tight pants? Yeah. I like those too.
Can you three please go on concert together?

 Eric Church taking it home
Jason and I have been big fans of Eric for years. We've seen him in concert about 6 times.
Which is just enough time to know his signature chest thumping routine.
Eric has deserved this for a long time now. I even think Jason may have shed a few tears when he won.
How adorable was it when he mentioned his son, Boone McCoy?  Just adorable, and I loveee that name
on a side note: I'm loving Jake's future daughters name, Pearl.
Boone and Pearl could be the next...

 Blake and Miranda
I've decided, these two people are the more talented and extremely famous couple version of us. I just love them. I'm so glad they "swept" the awards and took home Song of the Year, Male Vocalist, Female Vocalist and Entertainer of the year.
Someone's mantle runneth over.
Each award they won, they look more and more humbled by it.
 I don't think I could get over their lovey-doveyness when they won Song of the Year. It just melted my heart to pieces.
(where I cried)

and none for Gretchen Weiners Taylor Swift
Okay, so I'm going to sound a little "Mean girl" here. True country finally won out tonight. 'bout time.
I love Ms. Swift, but I think she is a little less country and a lot more pop.
As Brooke said the other day
I'm just more Miranda Lambert than Taylor Swift.

Did you watch? What were your favorite parts?



  1. So I was all crying because of (the tight pants, yum) Miran and Blakey and then you went all "none for Gretchen Weiners" and you paid me back for the loud laughing in a quiet office. Woof, that was an obnoxious laugh I just let out.

  2. Miranda and Blake are just too cute!

  3. Totally loved the whole Mirake moments - made that up on the spot ;)

    And I'm officially writing to Carri and asking her to put on a contest titled 'BE CARRI FOR A DAY' & letting me win it. I hope it works.

  4. I loved the CMA's last night. Blake and Miranda are so adorable and they genuinely seem to be madly in love. Good for them!

  5. sequin top and white skirt was my fav, too! didnt want her to change out of it!

  6. LOVED all of Carrie's dresses. She is amazing :) And I agree about her, but kind of over her winning all the awards.

  7. I couldn't watch since I was stuck at work late but I am so glad that Taylor Swift didn't win because she IS more pop than country.

  8. I agree that Carrie looked awesome all night, and that Blake & Miranda are enough to break your heart. And you aren't the only one who hates on Taylor, I don't think she is country either. Sorry sweetheart, your time here is up.

  9. Yay! Love the shoutout. And love the pat. Tight jeans, Miranda and Carrie speak to me: )

  10. I lovedddd Carrie's red dress too! Isn't she amazing? Ugh I want to come back as her in my next life:)

  11. ah love this, we basically wrote the same post today. i can't get enough of miranda and blake. they are the cutest ever and if something happens and they break up I will never believe in love again!!!!

    ps. love the 'and none for gretchen weiners'...haha you could see the disappointment all over her face, she's good at faking 'surprised', but not so good at faking 'happy for others'!

  12. I'm obsessed with that dramatic black and saucy red number, but Carrie can never go wrong. Agree 100% on tay swift. Love her but shes pop

  13. I love all of Carrie's outfits! She rocks!!

  14. I love all of Carrie's outfits! She rocks!!

  15. I waited to read your post till I'd seen it, I had to record it, but oh so love your post! I totally agree!
    And dang, I want those dresses Carrie wore! My fav is the same as yours...beautiful!

  16. I think Carrie Underwood could do no wrong during the show! Love all the sequins and sparkle! Love it!

    And Miranda and Blake are just amazing! Cried when they accepted their award!

    My friends and I officially started our countdown to Luke Bryan concert on January 26th in Orlando after watching the CMA's!

  17. I loved the Eric, Jason, Luke trio too! And I loved seeing all of Carrie's outfit changes!

  18. Carrie is always perfect and so dang cute! Miranda and blake possibly make the best couple ever, so cute!

  19. I missed the CMA's because I still had no power. I was so bummed. But I heard about Eric, Luke, and Jason and almost had a heart attack.