Friday, November 9, 2012

Ready for the Weekend.

It was so hard to get out of bed today. 
It was cold and I was snuggling Bailey.
Atleast tomorrow I can stay in bed a tad bit longer

Dear Dinner in the Crockpot, I'm so looking forward to you. There is really a sense of accomplishment I feel when I prepare dinner and have it in the crockpot before running out the door for work. And, when I stroll in the house today at 4:30, it will smell a delicious smell of pulled pork.

Dear Budget, All these meals at home this week...and leftovers for lunch. Yeah, I am owning you this week. BOO-YAH. 
(do people still say that?)

Dear Wednesday Night TV, you are the highlight of my Week. Modern Family, Duck Dynasty, Nashville and the Challenge. I love everything about you. everything. Especially the fact that it's been two days and I'm STILL laughing over Modern Family and Duck Dynasty.

Dear November, you are quite the busy month but I'm excited. Weddings, Birthdays, Thanksgivings (yes, plural...we've got 3 this year!), and cooler weather. As long as you and my budget can get a long, we'll be besties. Just you remember that!
stolen pictures from facebook, tisk tisk :)

Dear 10 year HS reunion, dang you're coming up quick! Starting the basic planning with my lovely friend, 5ohWifey. In high school, I was never about being involved in these things. Not that I was too cool for SGA, that wasn't it all ALL. It's just that I was too busy finding ways to spend every waking second with my girlfriends, so much so that I quit Soccer just to have more friend time. Nearly 10 years later...I'm excited to be apart of the planning and the coordination. Who doesn't LOVE party planning. 
Class of 2003, what what!
Dear Lee Brice, I didn't do a proper blogger weekend recap this past Monday. Your concert was awesome. You are awesome and I'm 90% sure that you were drunk the whole time. 10 points for you!
and Fireball, 10 points for you too, friend!

Happy Weekend!


  1. 1. modern family is my fave and that gif was the part out of the whole ep that made me almost pee my pants.

    2. i'm glad i'm not the only over 25 year old that watches mtv challenges

    3. my 10 year reunion was last was a lot of fun. we talked about doing a reunion EVERY year.

    4. at our last home football game (south carolina) there were two mini bottles of fireball under our seats. sign from god?

  2. I agree! I LOVE my crockpot! :)

    I'm a new follower from the link up! Hope you can stop by and say hi sometime!


  3. Snaps for Fireball...
    Also, I can't believe I'm 2 years away from my 10 year. What the hellz?

  4. Mini fireball?! I didn't know they made such a thing...and the heavens sing!

  5. Crock pots are STRAIGHT from God! Found ya on Friday's Letters, Love your page :) Have a Great weekend!!

  6. crockpot: AMEN! that looks delicious!