Monday, November 26, 2012

What I did and didn't do during Thanksgiving

Just for fun, I looked back at my Thanksgiving post from last year (it's right here) and I'd thought I do this post in a similar fashion. 
Thanksgiving was especially fun this year. So here's a little recap.
I did have a whole week off for this holiday, can't say I hated that at all.
I didn't do near the amount of housework I wanted to do, instead I ran errands and shopped. Oh, and caught up on the entire season on RHOM. judge away!
I did successfully spoil my husband on Monday.
I didn't post about it just yet, but here's a preview of what's to come.
us at Gatorland
I did enjoy 2 Thanksgivings on Thursday and one on Sunday. They were all so delcious, but I'm turkeyed-out
I didn't have any family issues. HOORAY! Mostly because our "biggest issue" was sleeping through the whole dinner. Without her, it was very relaxing and drama free!
Mama's Turkey
I (finally) did get to stand next to one of my best friends as she married her love. It was beautiful in every single way.
I didn't trip walking down the longest aisle of my left. I was scared the whole way, just take a look.
It was absolutely beautiful. I'll be sharing pictures this week!!
I did cheer on my Gators to a Victory.
I didn't watch the game. Just received scoring handsignals from Jason during the ceremony and reception.  
He celebrated with an "Alligator drool" beer
That is my little week(end) Recap. Hope y'all had an amazing Thanksgiving!



  1. I saw your pictures from the wedding on Instagram this weekend, Loved those dresses! You looked so pretty! Glad you had a great holiday weekend!

  2. I loved all your instagram photos :) You looked so pretty!

  3. WOO! Loved looking at all your wedding snapshots on IG this weekend. Those champagne dresses and black robes were to die looked so fab, as always! XO

  4. Gatorlaaannddd! Hang on jussst a minute- do yall live in Orlando ?

  5. Judge? It'd be weird for you NOT to catch up on RHOM on your time off, I did the same thing. AND BH!

    Also - weird it's a small world moment, we went to the Easter Brunch (with derby hats in tow) last year at that hotel and have a picture in front of the altar your BFF got married at. :)

  6. Stopping by from Weekend Update...I know nothing about Gatorland but it looks like fun!! And that turkey looks delicious.

  7. Okay, that aisle is ridiculous. Congrats on not tripping :) It's always my biggest worry haha

  8. Wow what a gorgeous aisle!
    Looks like a fun weekend!