Friday, December 21, 2012

They were wrong!

The world didn't end, although one could argue that my hangover yesterday was a symptom of the apocalypse.
But it didn't happen. We're still here, and all the stuff I "put off" will have to be taken care of.

Like.... Laundry! I was really hoping to get out of that one. shooot.

Might as well be my basket. I've got laundry for days. 

Oh, and Bills! Yeah, I was hoping I could spend all of my money boozing and eating this last week. And put off paying those pesky Cable and Credit Card bils. 
Jokes on me!

Lastly, I was really hoping to get out of doing the rest of my Christmas Shopping. NO ONE wants to go to Walmart a mere 3 days before Christmas. No one. Especially not to my "neighboorhood store"

Way to screw me on this on, Mayans!


  1. Laundry... Damn laundry. I can't even explain to you that I only have about 4 pieces of clothing actually hanging in my closet right now. It's so sad.

  2. ...I'm going to Walmart I wish the Mayans had just predicted the end of Walmart and not the whole world...

  3. I have to pay my damn DirectTV bill now today since I'm still alive. F-you Mayans!

  4. omg walmart...I try to avoid it at all costs before Christmas, but it's literally the only place to shop in my hometown and I always end up there on Christmas Eve...