Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's just one of them days

Ah, who remembers that song? Here's a refresher:

sing it girl.

Seriously though, today is not one of the "best" days. I just feel alone, upset, hurt, left-out about nothing in particular...but a lot of things at the same time. It's probably the hardest feeling to convey to someone. I know it's probably just my sensitivity, and I can hear Jason telling me that I'm too emotional. But I just need some cheering up. Ya know?

Today would be a great day to talk to someone who won't say "You're Crazy" as guys tend to do. 

Instead of writing a blog about how down I am (who really wants to read that) - I need to take a deep breath and:

Or perhaps....

Okay, for the positive side in me...I'm looking forward to a few things

Tomorrow is my first dress fitting and I can't tell you how much this excites me! I can wait to put on my dress again.
Tomorrow is also friday.. 'nuff said
That pretty much everyone has received our invitations. I received a bunch of sweet texts from girls that told me how much they loved it. Made my heart sing.
That May is so close away. I love Cinco De Mayo, I'll love my bachelorette party and I'll love saying that I'm getting married "next month"
and, that I'm just a few hours away from going home and cuddling with this little one

Yup, all better now...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

First Blog Award & Weekend Recap

Hi y'all, sorry I've been behind on the Weekend Recap. I'm still somewhat recuperating (from just friday -it was a wild one.)

Friday day, we had our LOCO at work. Which is basically when our whole company goes out and does something fun. We headed out to Wekiva Springs for a beautiful day on the water, some intense volleyball, lots of drinks and one SERIOUS rainstorm party killer. 

At these locos, we celebrate employee's anniversaries with custom hats. They made me an adorable bridal veil - that later was a causality in the horrible rain storm. 

Other than that my weekend was pretty uneventful, I did become a godmommy to a beautiful baby girl

Last night, I received a sweet sweet email from Stephanie, who blogs at Quails' Quirks (check her out). She gave me the Liebster Award, and I'm so happy to say that it's my first award! Woop Woop

Fun, right?

Each Nominee Should:
1. Choose five up and coming blogs to give the Liebster award to. Blogs must have less than 200 followers.

2. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
3. Post the award on your blog.

4. List the bloggers you gave the award to with links to their sites. Leave a comment on their blogs to let them know they've received the award.

5. Share five random facts about yourself!

My five blogs are:
1. My Girl, Steph @ Living with Intention
2. Sweet Sweet Laurie @ The Rookie Wife
3. My Wedding go-to, Shannon @ Page Twenty-Two  (she's over 200, but she's awesome - check her out)
4.  The Beautiful Brittney @ Diary of a Southern Brunette
5. Fellow Puggle lover, Katie @ Miss Dixie

and, here are the five facts I betcha didn't know about moi:
1. I. have. a. sweet. tooth - Like, am in dire need of chocolate everyday
2. I get insanely pissed when I see hashtags on facebook. #thesearefortwitter #ortheoccasionalblogpost
3. I collect koozies from every event. We have a collection of over 100 at home. Which is why they are  our favors for our wedding!
4. I have a (somewhat) irrational fear that my future child will kill me in the future. I wish I was joking, but those stories scare me.
5.  I'm not as picky as some people I know (ahem, Steph) but I HATE green vegetables, or eating foods that I can't pronounce

And, there you have it! I can't WAIT until tomorrow - my new (and OH, so improved) blog is ready! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Linking up with Amber and Neely today :)

It's Okay that I just finished my BIG redbull and I'm contemplating going downstairs to grab a coffee. It's been a "busy" week and I'm ready to crash!
(This is our TV screen at work - it displays our events. Last night was our Fundraising Happy Hour, today we're having a Hangover Breakfast and tomorrow we're going to Wekiva Island for some fun in the sun)

It's Okay that I was injured again in Kickball on Monday - after 17 years of Soccer, I still can't fathom HOW I've managed to injure myself... twice!

It's Okay that my lovely friends bought me a GiftCard to Marley Lilly for my Birthday and I still haven't used it. They have so many cute things,  I just can't decide. Help me pick!

It's Okay that I'm pretty bummed about today being the last day of Picnik - I tried out PicMonkey and it just wasn't the same :( Do you know of any other alternatives?

It's Okay that I've pretty much failed at dieting. I just have come to the conclusion that I have no will power. So, instead of losing 15lbs I've asked my skinnyminny friends to just gain 15lbs. Everyone Wins! kiddddddddddding

It's Okay that I'm a teeny bit jealous of a friend of mine. She's starting her career as a Flight Attendant. I don't think I ever mentioned it, but I was a Flight Attendant for 3 great years. Seeing other people start their careers (with the same company I was with) makes me miss it a bit - and the free flights. 

It's Okay that I am annoyed I can't find any cute bathing suits for my bachelorette party. Having a larger chest poses a difficult problem for me. I can only wear a certain type of swimsuit and after YEARS of buying the same one in a different color makes me ready for a change

That's all I got for now. Have a great Thursday!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend in Photos

Well....somewhat. You see, I did happen to remember to take photos this weekend - I just happened to leave the camera in my momma's car. We're left with Iphone 3 pictures, not tooo bad!

Let's start with Thursday, since it was pretty groundbreaking. My Mom, Jason's Mom and Sis, and my MOH came over to help me assemble invitations. It took us all of 3 hours, but they are beautiful and exactly what I was hoping for. yipee! We'll be mailing them out next week - and then I'll post a picture for you to see! :)

On Friday, we headed over to the beach after work. Jason came home a bit late from work, so I tackled another project while I waited.

This is an inspiration from Pinterest - I picked up all the supplies at good ol' HOBLOB:

You'll need:
Wooden Frame
Foam Board
Chalkboard Spray
Chalk (I used Pens)

I spray painted the foam board about 3 times (once a night), then on friday I measured the inside of the frame to cut foam board to shape. Now, I'm either a horrible measurer or a horrible cutter - either way, I had to do this process 3 times to get the right size. I think just hot glued the form board to the frame. That's it! 

I then wrote my little saying onto the Chalkboard and added the scroll on the bottom, it's used on our invitations! I plan to use this post-wedding in our kitchen for a little home decor. 

Saturday and Sunday was spent at our favorite beach, the Oceandeck in Daytona, and poolside at my mom's house.

Hope you had a great weekend, too! :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Go to Outfit

We all have our go-to outfits, right? Or am I just fashionably challenged? During the normal work week I'm primarily in one of my dozen pairs of Forever21 jeans, top and sandals. Like I've said before, I'm so incredibly blessed to have a "casual" office. I mean, I can really wear pajamas to work if I wanted...which believe me sometimes I do want to.

On those days, I usually have two go to outfits:

Today's outfit of choice:

Black shirts are just an easy go-to top! It's a no- brainer to just pull this out of the closet and throw it on. I love my new Leopard Sandals (from Target) I feel like the give this boring outfit a little love. I just can't help but smile when I put these on.

My second favorite easy-breezy outfit choice:

There is just no going wrong with a maxi dress. Hell, you don't even have to shave and you still look adorable. Can't beat that!

What are you favorite go-to outfits?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday friends. This week is going by quick and I love it. All in all this is what I'm loving this week.

I'm loving that I've started playing kickball with my work friends -  it's a fun little activity on Monday nights even though we're prettty horrible. Hey, we can't be both creative and athletic!

Kickball got done pretty late on Monday, so I needed a pick-me-up on Tuesday morning. I'm loving the new RedBull total zero. It definitely helped me power through the morning.

I'm loving that I just received my first paycheck that reflected my promotion. To go shopping or not to go shopping? I dooo have a bachelorette party that needs bathing suits for. Hmmm.

I'm loving that I bought this amazing metal bar type thing for our house. I found it at a thrift store for $15. I can wait to spray paint it some kind of fun, bright, pretty color. Pictures will be taken.

I'm loving this for the summer parties - scratch that - I need this for summer parties

I'm loving these outfits in this warm Florida heat.

I'm loving that I have a workplace where I can wear shorts to work, today was definitely the perfect day to sport them

I'm loving that Friday after work, Jason and I are heading directly over to the beach. We need a little "getaway" 

Hope y'all have a great Wednesday!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bridal Talk Tuesday - Part 2 of Wedding Crafts

Hey Hey Hey! I figured I'd join in on this Bridal Talk linkup to share the rest of my craftin' weekend. Thank you so much for your kind words about my cardbox and invitations, you ladies made my heart sing. Seriousssssly, thank you!

My next set of crafts was an "easy" one, I worked with a fabulous etsy designer, ReplybyDesign,  to put together some fun paper products. I must of drove her crazy with my descriptions of the coral we're using. WHO knew that there could be soo many shades of coral. For the record, as it turns out "our" coral is a touch pinker than most corals...or something like that. I basically ended up sending a picture of Steph in the bridesmaid dress and it worked. Score!

The package I bought included:
Guest Book Sign
Reserved Signs for the Family Tables
Ispy sign
Drink Flags

Her are some of her sample packages that I just adore, did I mention she's AMAZING?

Here are my signs - in action.

Our Guestbook Sign

I just bought a super cheap Target Acrylic Frame. This will be accompanied on our Sign in table, with a burlap guest book that I'm just waittttting patiently to be delivered.

Reserved Sign

This are in the Ikea Tolsby frame - so they are double sided. They will be placed on our Family and Bridal Party tables since we are doing open seating.


 I just love this idea. Everyone brings their cameras and phones to weddings - this just encourages them to use them. I'm planning on getting a few more Tolsby frames to add these to all of our tables.

Last but not least, my favorite thing is:

Drink Flags
For these little beauties - I just ran to HobLob and picked up the slim wood sticks (I think that's the technical name). It was $3 for a pack of 125, unfortunately I wanted to do 200 and they only had one pack. So I'll be making a second trip later this week to pick up another set. 

I hot glued the stick to the inside center crease and then used the roller double sided glue/tape thingmabob and glue the paper flags together. Super time consuming but Super Easy. Promise!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Wedding Craftin' Weekend

The 3-day Holiday weekend provided me with a bunch of time to get down to some Wedding Crafts. I loveeee doing Arts and Crafts, and for some reason I have done them in a really long time, therefore I was nervous about taking on these projects. After picking up some essential crafting supplies I was ready to knock some things off my list.

I'll share a bit of them today

Friday started off with addressing our invitation envelopes, now I know this doesn't quite qualify for a craft...but it took me FOUR hours and I'm think it's blog-worthy.

I wanted the look of a calligrapher, but without actually having to "hire" one. Now...I LOVE calligraphy but just couldn't justify paying for it - especially when it's one of the first things people throw away. OUCH! I found this pin and thought It might be the perfect route to take:

Right up until I actually tried doing this. I tested it out on a few cheap-o business envelopes that I had lying around...and it just wasn't "it". I'm blaming it on the pen I was using, and I wasn't about to change out of my PJs to go to the craft store for the 3rd time that week. On to plan B - I searched the internet for pretty (and free) fonts and stumbled across this one from

I messed around with more business-sized envelopes until I found the size that was appropriate. Then traced the envelope on to about 5 pieces of paper to work on the placement and centering of the address (Yes, I'm a teeny bit OCD)

After printing 100 of them, here are a few of the finish products - I LOVE them (Disclamer: I apologize for the horrible and grainy iPhone 3 pic - I forgot to take a picture until this morning)

A few of us are assembling the invitations this Thursday and hopefully I'll be getting them out at the end of April. I still need stamps - shucks!

Later on Friday night, Jason and I made a Pinterest-inspired Dinner and then his momma came over to help me with a Pinterest-inspired Cardbox. Gosh, how did we LIVE without Pinterest?

Here's a quick peak at our dinner.

We had Cuban Flank Steak, Roasted Zucchini and Crystal Light Style Margaritasss. YUM

Right after Dinner, Jason's Mom came over to help me with the Cardbox. She is the QUEEN of beautiful wrapping, y'all. So when I came across this Cardbox....I knew she would be able to nail it.

no direct link.

I bought the supplies at HOBLOB (40% off for the burlap) - the boxes aren't pictured because I had to go back for a second trip, but they are just Paper Mache boxes

As I'm sure you already know, I'm horrible about remembering to take pictures and I'm not famous enough (yet) to have the paparazzi following me around. It  doesn't dawn on me to document things until it's too late. 

Here's the finished Cardbox

I LOVE it. It just makes my heart sing. Basically...boxes were cute, then wrapped, glued together. Then we added Pearls, Ribbon, a pretty Flower and a little sign. It took a while, but it was

Okay...That's enough craft-talk today. I'll show you some more tomorrow. I've been so giddy today, seriously so happy!  I've won my first ever blog giveaway prize from this AMAZING blog and I'm SO excited to tell you ladies that it's a blog makeover. The designer doing the makeover has some beautiful work, I'm beyond thrilled. eeeeeeeek! Check out Cherry on Top Blog Designs, you won't be sorry! Thank you girls for making my month!

  It's got me thinking about a possible name change, because let's face it - in less than 3 months I won't be wedding planning any more. I'll just be living my little ol' life. I need help brainstorming on blog names. If you have any suggestions send them my way!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter

I just LOVE holidays - I wish I had more time this year to get into the spirit and decorate my house. Life has been moving SO fast these days. I honestly didn't think about my spring decorations until Monday. are some of my favorite Easter ideas, courtesy of Pinterest.

My mom and I used to make this cake every year...

Hope you ladies have an amazing Easter with your families. Here's to spotting that bunny...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Wine, Relaxation and a lil' Country

Wine and Relaxation prettttty much sums up my lovely Weekend. After two weekends of acting like we were 21 year olds - Jason and I decided to take this weekend off. We pinky promised ourselves when we were hungover last Sunday to not go out this weekend. It worked :)

On Friday, we had dinner and a few beer-ritas at one of our Favorite Spots, Ruby Tuesdays. I know it sounds cheesy, but their Salad Bar is amazing! For that, we love it! Orlando is pretty much 80% chain restaurants, but this particular restaurant is one that we still really enjoy. 

After a few of these bad boys - we decided to rush across town to catch a movie.

Our movie plans quickly foiled because of these few things:
1. Stopped at a Gas Station to pick up wine for the movie (They didn't sell wine- WHHHHATTT)
2. Begged Jason to stop at another gas station and assured him that they would definitely have wine (They didn't - how is that possible??)
3. Got to the movie, 5 minutes late, only to find out the movie we wanted to see was sold out! :(

We felt defeated and decided to go home.

Saturday we woke up, and decided it was time for a little spring cleaning. This included bug bombing our house to fight the little critters that like to come in from rainy, muggy, and HOT Florida Summer. We grabbed Bailey and brought him to my mom's house. Headed to breakfast, went to see 21 Jumpstreet, and hit up HobLob for some Wedding Crafts. 

This is for our Card Box,  I just need a few Paper Mache boxes to be able to make a custom one. We were lucky enough to get caught in a rainstorn just as we were leaving HobLob. It didn't seem to rain on Bailey's parade....

Our Sunday was also nothing special, just a little family time and nice dinner at Outback. We finished off our weekend with the ACMs - did you get a chance to watch them?

First of all, Carrie Underwood is FLAWLESS. I was so glad that she opened the show. Just take a look at her

I'm so happy that Blake and Miranda won quite a bit of awards this show, they deserve it. And, how about Blake announcing her performance "Miranda Lambert Shelton" it just melted my heart. LOVE them.

and, HOW cool is Steve Martin..

My Dad has played the Banjo in a Bluegrass band ever since I was in Middle School. We had a few Earl Scruggs posters around our house, so the mini-tribute they gave him and this performance was really special to me. While I never particularly "liked" my Dad, I've always had a deep appreciation of Bluegrass music. It's something that always reminds me of my blissful childhood.

What did y'all think of the ACM's?
That's pretty much it for my Weekend! I'm ready for this upcoming 3-day Weekend