Friday, June 22, 2012

Dear Friday

I'm linking up with Ashley today for some letters!

Dear Friday, oh hey girlfriend...I've been waiting for you! so glad you paid me a visit. Next time I see  you, I'll be getting pampered for my wedding. 

Dear Lebron, Congrats! I was kind of hoping you'd shed a few tears last night. Not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed. Yeah, we get it that you are the best player in the NBA, right now. But sometimes it's nice to see people a little humbled by winning. If you need tips, just contact my girl, Taylor Swift. She's got humbleness down pact!

Dear Jason, UGH why am I talking about Sports...on my blog? This is supposed to be a sports-free zone, and I'm blaming that sports talk on you. (ps. love youuu - you're cute when you play bball)

Dear Meteorologist, In the summer you people are kind of my least favorite. Your predictions about Tropical Storm Debby are annoying. I planned on tanning this weekend. Let's keep Debby out in the Gulf and away from the US this weekend. ppreciate ya!

Dear Froyo, I'm super glad that I have a 3pm date with you. You make me happy when skies are grey, which they are right now. Hopefully it doesn't rain and ruin our date. 

Dear Wedding Dress, I know you despise words like Froyo, Pizza, and Chocolate. but, I really love them. a lot. You should be more accommodating. bitch.

Dear Target, boy do I loose a lot of money to you. You should just pay my mortgage so that I can come visit you more. deal? I just wanted to let you know yo've struck a gold-mine with these wine juice boxes - they are pretty genius, so thanks!

Dear Rebecca Black, happy belated birthday. You bring so much joy to my friends. Please come out with a new song, for every day of the week! 

Have a great weekend, ladies. Don't forgot to link up with Ashley 


Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's Okay

I've been in somewhat of a writer's slump lately, so what BETTER way to get out of it than participating in one of my favorite link ups!

It's okay that I drove all the way to the church on my lunch break, for a meeting, and the lady forgot about it and went to lunch. I was able to take a much needed break, and pick up a diet dr. pepper.

It's okay that I'm running a tad behind on my wedding stuff. I wanted to be done in May - but I JUST now purchased my earrings, have to put together 200 drink flags, the cookie jars, the cookie bags, and the programs. Oh well, if there's a will, there's a way...right?

It's okay that works been causing a few tears lately. I'm about to have 8 days off - woot woot. It will all be worth it!

It's okay that I bought BEAUTIFUL Jessica Simpson Luggage at TJ Maxx, and it broke the first time I used it. Now I need a plan B for luggage :( I wish I didn't wait so long to take it to a luggage repair. But, let's be honest...procrastination is my bestie.
Mine was the tan one

It's okay, that I'm actually not okay with it. Jessica, I love you girl....and I loved that luggage. I mean it was leopard print inside... What happened?

It's okay, that despite all of the stuff I have to do, I really want to curl up with wine and catch up on RHOOC and Gypsey Weddings

Aside from that, I noticed today that I hit 100 followers. 
I never thought more than 1 person would read my blog, let alone 100. You guys are awesome.

In the spirit of blog-loving, since I'll be out of commission June 29- July 8th. 
Would any of you lovelies like to guest post while I'm out? 
If so, shoot me an email, or a comment...


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's a sip of wine, It's summertime

There are sooo many things that make me happy about summer. I love sunday-fundays, pool parties,  beach trips, 4th of July, BBQs and even sometimes the stormy weather/hurricane days. Which sounds weird, I know. 

This summer will be a tad different. 
Cause, we're gettttttttttting marrrried.
and, going to Jamaica (which hopefully won't be those stormy weather/hurricane days)

In Jamaica, I'll obviously be parking my butt at the swim-up bar. Is there any other place? 

For the rest of summer - Oh, you'll be able to find me here:

Or on this thing floating in the lake

Cause that's my style.
laaaid back
(with my mind on my money, and my money on my mind)

I might also do a little sun-bathing with these fellas

all with a cocktail in tow.

What are your plans for summer?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Keep it on the hush

Today, I have a question for you ladies. 
When did you feel comfortable openly talking about your blog?

Blogging is something I started for me to document my journey over our engagement, and then I decided a few months ago to keep it up past our wedding. Which is why I decided to go ahead and change over the name to something a bit more general.  I've just passed my 100th post (yipee) and I'm started to feel a bit more confident in my "blogger" title.

SOME of my close friends know about le blog, all in all it's probably about 10 people. That is as far as I have felt comfortable with. I've been asked by co-workers before (I work at a Blog/Social Media Company) but I haven't said that I have a blog. Although, a part of me is thinking I should - just to start doing fun campaigns. It really just isn't something I'm comfortable with disclosing. I feel like this blog is  a little private to me at the time, and quite honestly...I'm scared of being judged.

Is there a point that you felt comfortable enough to share your blog with other people? Or just generally talk openly about it? 

It's weird, but I feel like I'm almost living a double life.  My real-world life, with my friends, family and all that jazz. And, then my little circle of blog friends - it's like a nice little house in the pleasantville where everyone is encouraging and helpful.  Plus, let's just mention that it's REALLY nice to have an outsiders opinion on things like pinatas and mean girls.

Sorry for the short and random post today, but I really can't wait to hear your thoughts! 

Have a great weekend :) 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My arch nemesis - The Sweet Tooth

When I saw this on Facebook today, I just laughed out loud. It's so me

You guys. I have a serious problem with sweets. I crave them at all hours, and pretty much every day!

Please tell me someone out there has the same "problem". I guess the sweet tooth itself isn't necessarily a problem, it's the fact that I should be somewhat dieting for my wedding (haven't been able to stick to one this whole year). Or the fact that too much of a good thing, is bad for you.

Last night after dinner, I BEGGED Jason to take me to the nearest Froyo place. I'm usually stocked with icecream at the house, but last night we were out.

It probably had something to do with a few mornings that started like this:
(that may of may not of been before the sun came up)

Thank goodness, I'm not much of a baker...Things could get bad.

Do you guys have any constant cravings? Do you cave to them, or fight them? I need to start learning ways to curb my cravings....but Frozen Yogurt is just so dang good.

so good.

In other news, It's Jason and I's 4 year anniversary (and last dating anniversary) today. We really didn't plan on celebrating it this year with all the other stuff going on. But who knows, maybe we'll get some dinner (and dessert) :)

Happy Anniversary baby!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I'm Loving!


It's Wednesday, and I've got a little love in my heart. I'm linking up with Jamie today

I'm loving that there is only 10 more "work" days for me this month. Then it's wedding & honeymooning. My butt will be parked here, don't you worry

I'm loving My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. I'm mean like obsessed. Have y'all seen this shower? I was literally crying from laughing so much. I mean, not only did her dress light up, or that her crown was 20 lbs, but she was marrying her first cousin. I think I've found my new favorite TV show.

I'm loving that my hair/makeup trial went great! She was really understanding and super amazing! I think we pretty much nailed it - and by "we" I obviously mean her. My job was to drink wine and chat, which I guess I pretty much nailed that too.

Sorry it's blurry, isn't she adorable though?

I'm loving that after 27 years, I'm actually starting to like vegetables. I've been forcing myself to eat them with almost every meal, and I've finally found a few ones that I like. If you have any delicious veggie recipes, send them my way!

I'm loving these cute outfits from Pinterest - I need to go shopping for jamaicaaa.

I'm loving my favorite little end of the day treat - Suri's Burn Book. Please do your self a favor and check it out here!

What are you loving today? link up with us!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wedding Hair Inspiration

I have my Hair/Makeup trial tonight. I'm really excited, and a tad bit nervous. I bought extensions for the "Big Day" and they just aren't doing it for me. Hopefully, seeing the whole look will make me feel a little bit more confident in them.

I feel that with being "top heavy" that big curls may accentuate the top. Plus, I'm more of a simple kind of girl. Only by default though, I just haven't learned the ways of curlin' and stylin'. I guess that's what is straying me away from the extensions. decisions, decisions.

I've gone through Pinterest and for some inspiration, and pretty much narrowed down the general style. To be completely transparent - this was decided before I was engaged. Priorities, people!

Here's what I'm thinking

 I really wish it was possible to just look exactly like Carrie for my day, I don't think that's too much to ask, right? 

I can't wait to hear what you ladies think!

Monday, June 11, 2012

The WHAT state?

Let me let y'all in on a little secret about Florida.
No. It's not that we are over filled with zombies and other crazies, that's already pretty well know. 

This little secret is in regards to our moniker "The Sunshine State",  It's wrong in the summer time. Or, maybe it's just that no one informed the weather gods of this little title. Someone really should.

 It's been raining bucket loads here and lightening like whoa. 
Which probably has something to do with why we're also the lightening capital of the US 
Those two titles conflict, do they not?

Anyways, I don't have any cute pictures to show you from this weekend. When I did leave the house, I ended up looking like a wet dog. My BIG weekend home alone consisted of:
Watching Armageddon Three times 
(only one time all the way through, I fell asleep the first two times)
Washing and Folding an obscene amount of Laundry
Final Dress Fitting 
Finishing 50 shades Freed
A marathon of Say Yes to the Dress
A low-key night out on Saturday with my girls
and, A Sams shopping trip with mama

Pretty Spectacular, right?

Jason did make it home, in one piece, last night. Thank you JESUS! Now we're just in the home-stretch of the wedding - Only two more "weekends", isn't that how we technically define our time.

So, Florida, please please please get this rain outta the way. Capiche?

Tell me about your weekend? It had to be more thrilling than mine!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On Pins and Needles

It's time.

Tomorrow morning Jason, his groomsmen (along with 10 other guys) are headed to the southern-most point of the U.S. of A.

They'll be fishing and partyin' it up for 4 days straight. Now the "normal"shenanigans that goes on at bachelor parties don't really concern or worry me. Not at all actually.

It's the "normal" things that these guys do that worries me. Actually, scratch that - frightens me! Let's just put it this way, the last few times I've left Jason home alone and he's hung out with his friends like he's in his early 20's - I receive picture text messages like this...

Yup, in a hospital. 

Needless to say, these next few days, I'll be doing anything and everything to keep my mind off of him damn-near killing himself this weekend. Otherwise I'll be waiting on pins and needles for him to call and say he's okay.

So, my plans...

I'm attending my first book club, where we'll discuss none other than 50 shades of Grey. FUN!! I've never been to a book club, so this should be fun for me. Especially because I'm obsessed with this book

And I'm SO ready for a fun girl's night. I'm planning to head out to my favorite Country bar with a few girlfriends
(ew: I do not miss our old white fridge)

Any one want to come to Orlando and keep me company? I'll supply wine, lots of it.


Monday, June 4, 2012

A Pinata at a Rehearsal Dinner?

Please excuse my lil' Vent sesh. 

On Saturday night, Jason's mom called me to talk about the Rehearsal Dinner, the wedding and just life in general. Half way through our convo, she mentions that she picked up a Cowboy Boot Pinata for the rehearsal dinner.

The rest of the conversation is somewhat of a blur to me. I didn't know whether to Laugh...or Cry. 
To be honest, I did a little of both. I just didn't know what to think.

I've blogged about my rehearsal dinner a bit here.  We had planned a little "upscale- ish" I do BBQ rehearsal dinner and as it turns out his mama ran with the southern theme. 

After a few laughs, and more tears than I'm willing to admit...I finally came to the conclusion that it's JUST the rehearsal dinner. Of course I want every wedding related party to be a spitting image of style me pretty, or Pinterest. That just isn't a reality.

What is reality? Being in a room, surrounded by my closest friends and family full of laughter and love. 
....and then after a few to many drinks, swinging at that Pinata :)


Friday, June 1, 2012

It's FINALLY here

I had so much fun linking up with Ashley last week, so let's do it again. Shall we?

Dear Friday, thank goodness you decided to show up for the party. I've been waiting for you my friend. Next time, try not to be fashionably late.

Dear girl's night, you make my heart go boom-boom - and sometimes my head the next morning. But, the hangover is worth all the fun. I want to re-do it, mostly because Wendy cooked the most amazing meal. Someone give that girl a restaurant. 

Dear June 1st, I've got two things for ya. First of all, THANK YOU for being National Donut Day. This is probably one of the best holidays. My Co-workers also thank you, because I celebrated in true fashion and bought munchkins for the office.

Secondly, I can't believe you're here! It's real...I'm getting married THIS MONTH. (minor freak-out)

Dear Money, is there a reason that you don't grow on trees? I think it would really help all of us out once in a while. Life would be much easier if you did. Can you make that happen at least by 2015? I mean, I thought we were supposed to be super-advanced by now.

Dear Floridians, seriously....get your act together. You're crazy antics are making the rest of the country think we're lunatics. I mean, balt-salt induced face-eaters....really? Casey Anthony was honestly bad enough, and then you had to go and produce this sicko. Good Lord. 

Dear Carly Rae Jespen, I love you for that song and your ridiculously rich friends that had a dance party in their mansion to it. I'm talkin' bout you J.Biebs, Selena and Ashley.

Dear Soon-to-be-Hubby, thanks for being so awesome! You make me laugh everyday. I love how you are planning on ordering strawberry Key West.....for your Bachelor Party....during Pride Week.

What can I say...he just LOVES his fruity drinks!

Now head on over to Ashley's blog and link up! :)

Have a good weekend