Tuesday, July 31, 2012

THIS is what she blogged about?

I'm brain dead today.
and rather boring.
But here's the thing... I love Instagram, and chances are that you love Instagram.
(if so, follow me @katemilton_)

Because of my extreme love for Insta, this picture cracked.me.up.

Happy Tuesday! :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

How I Make that Money Honey!

The Fabulous Bargain Blonde is doing a link up that I just had to participate in. Today we're talking jobs.  I've posted about my workplace several times, but I don't know that I really went into what I do here. You know, besides drink.
I work for a New Age/Startup Marketing Company, in which we solely focus on Social Media. Our thang is Sponsored content for Blogs, Twitter, and now Photos/Video. Basically we're a company that helps people earn money off things they are already doing. 
I've transitioned quite a bit in the year that I've been here - I started in our Marketing Department, and then a few months later transferred to our Blog Relations Department. Which is actually the reason I started Blogging. I would work with Bloggers all day, every day to help them with their offers, and fill the campaigns we were running.
After a few months of Blog Lovin', I accepted a different position as Celebrity Relations. Which started out with me heading to the Oscars Gifting Suites to network. Amazing experience!
On a day to day basis, In a nutshell I'm usually:
Brainstorming fun/interactive ways for Celebs to Participate for our Sales Team
Contacting Celebrities to Participate in Campaigns 
Reaching out to agencies
Our office is anything but Corporate America. Our main headquarters is Purple, Blue and Green, and home to about 50 people. We usually have dogs roaming around. We celebrate every single thing, usually with booze. There is a kegerator in our office kitchen, and a free vending machine right outside the kitchen. I worked with some of the most amazingly creative people that inspire me everyday. While we have a lot of fun, we also work hard to play hard.
What I love MOST about my Job - is our casual office. There isn't a dress code. Because of the Florida Heat, I'm usually in:
...With a snuggie at my desk, just incase chugging my ice coffee made me cold.
That's about it! Can't wait to read all the posts!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Dearest Friday

Hey Girls!
It's our favorite day of the week.  I'm ready for a weekend of nothingness (and wine!)


Dear Bank Account, ew. I can't stand looking at you. Can you please add some zeros to your current number. You're really upsetting me lately.

Dear "boo", I don't know how or when you infiltrated into my vocabulary. But I'm liking you. Don't leave anytime soon.

Dear Kids in this picture, you have an awesome dog...and I'm jealous. This made me laugh for a while this morning.

Dear Facebook "politicians", please stop! I get enough political garbage in my mail already. I don't need to hear about you while I'm busy stalkin' people. You're taking over my newsfeed, and all those "facts", videos, and articles you post won't change my mind. I'm pretty headstrong, and educated in Politics. I just don't feel the need to share. 

Dear Chickfila, You're catching a lot of flack lately. Did no one realize you were a Christian organization?  I guess they never pulled up to Chickfila on Sunday, hungover, only to find out you were closed. Don't worry, there's nothing coming between me and your Chicken Minis. 

Dear future little baby girls, Please be prepared for monogrammed everything, tutu's and cowboy boots. Now that the wedding is over, Pinterest is giving me baby fever - but that's not happening for a few years.

Dear Jason,  you seriously are the best there ever was. You treat me like a queen, even when I'm a royal -you know what.  And you crack me up when you use hashtags in your texts. 

Link up with us!



Thursday, July 26, 2012

If you really knew me...

I'm sure you've seen this around the Blogo'sphere lately, I saw Mr. and Mrs. Howard both did this and I couldn't WAIT to jump in.  What a fun way for us all to get to know eachother.

...you would know that

I'm the biggest people pleaser, and basically can't say "no" to anyone. I have to think of things WAY ahead of time to get out of certain situations

I am super lazy and hate to clean. Although I also hate being disorganized, so my hate for disorganization usually wins out in the end and I clean.

I'm extremely insecure. About everything. I'm probably the only 27 year old that feels "left out" on the reg. I blame it on being the 'baby' in the family. But I really just need to grow up. 

My hair is as coarse and as dry as can be. Thankfully, that means I don't have to wash it every day, or even every other day. Right now I try to go around 4-5 days before washing my hair. Any less and my hair is dry, and looks like a scarecrow.

While I like to think of myself as a girly-girl, I am a complete idiot when it comes to hair, makeup, and nails. I just recently learned to put eyeliner on my top lid. And basically the only thing I can do to my hair is straighten it. I'm missing the "primping" gene. (ps, Steph curled my hair in the above picture)

I have a horrible habit of not listening when people are talking.

I also have a horrible memory.

I'm a lover, not a fighter. I've never ever been in a physical fight, nor do I really raise my voice unless I'm really angry. Which happens once every few years or so.

My sense of style, is the first pair of jeans/shorts I spot and a top. Something I add heels or wedges to the mix. I love when girls put outfits together, jewelry and all... I just don't ever think about it. I rarely wear more jewelry than my wedding ring and watch.

I'm horrible at letting go things. I hold onto anger and resentment like it's nobodies business. 

I'm obsessed with live music, concerts are my happy place. Luckily Jason has the same obsession, so I always have someone to go with.

I'm a big home body, but no one else in my life is. I usually drag myself out of the house to hang out with Jason, or my friends. But if it's after 9pm, and I'm already in my PJs, watching reality shows - chances are I'm not budging.

I fall asleep almost every single time that I watch a movie at home. And sometimes can't even make it through a 1 hour TV show.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Goin' to the Chapel - Rehearsal

Thanks for all of your sweet words about my little Family sitch.  Y'all are too sweet.

The Friday before the wedding was so fun. A few of us went to this adorable Tropical Nail place, for Manis and Pedis before the big day.

Oh, and wine.
(sorry for the blurry iPhone 3 pics, come onnnn October)

Mama and I then headed back to my house to assemble Bridal party gifts and get ready for the Rehearsal.

We both rented dresses from Rent the Runway, Have you guys done this before? 
It was amazing, the dresses were perfect for our Rehearsal Dinner. I'll definitely be doing that again. If you haven't done it before, check them out here

My beautiful ribbon bouquet from my Bridal Shower - the majority of it is pink and green, they knew me too well.

We we're all too busy laughing every few seconds, to actually take in any information. This would account for a few "mishaps" during the ceremony.
no biggie. 


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rich in our own way

Last night while Jason was having the TIME of his life watching Wrestling (ugh).
 I was catching up on all things Instagram.
It's addicting, you know. Who's wearing what? Who's eating what? Who's loungin' by the pool? You know the drill. 

It makes me wish I had everything. 
Besides all the adorable bracelets, necklaces and outfits, I've been obsessing over Erin Condren Planners and those gorgeous Speedy Bags.


As I'm in this little Material World. Wanting and Lusting after every single thing I see, knowing pretty darn well that right now isn't the time to shell out $50 for a planner. Or, even $30 for an adorable dress that will be great for work, girls' night and tailgating - You Name It. It's just not justifiable right now.

Jason looks over and asks what I'm doing. My response is that I'm just sitting here wishing we were rich. 

And, then...

said the most amazing thing. 

"We are Rich"

Rich in Love.
Rich in Family & Friends
and, Rich in Puggle kisses.

That we are. We are very lucky to be Rich with Love, Family/Friends and Puggle Kisses

(disclaimer: neither one of those cute puggles are Bailey)

It's time for me to start counting my blessing, and stop wishing for things I don't have. Thank you Hubs, for making me realize just how lucky I truly am. Youz a Genius, boo.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A weekend by the Pool

This past weekend was scorching hot, but BEAUTIFUL outside. There is really only one way to take advantage of that.

Pool Parties.

On Saturday we woke up, and were planning on going to the movies and lounging around the house. Until we played a bit in the backyard with Bailey. It was a perfect day, one that specifically called for the pool and some drinks. We usually have our friends over to our house, but we called Jason's best friend and he just finished cleaning his. So we took advantage of that, and headed on over.

Between the Sun and the booze, we called it an early night and woke up Sunday to do it all again.

Except this time it was my dear friend's going away party. We woke up and headed over to her house for a pool party done right. Grilling, Slip n' Slide, Flip Cup and a Pool - not much more you could want. We played Boys v. Girls Flip cup for HOURS, and much to the surprise of everyone - the girls won, every single time.

Hope y'all had a good weekend 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Letters

Happy Friday to you, and you and you :) I'm excited for the weekend ahead. 

Dear Life, I know I'm supposed to make Lemonade when you hand me Lemons, or whatever. I just know that you've been passing me a lot of Lemons lately. I'm ready for a change, k? Thanks!

Dear "Steph D.", UGH, I'm not looking forward to your going away party. We've had so much fun over the past two years, and I'm gonna miss you! Steph and I already talked, we're planning wine dates and skyping you in. Good luck in Law school, I guesssss. I can't say that I won't be mad if you fail out and decide to move back "home".

Dear Photographer, eeeeeeeeeeer! I'm really starting not to like you, and it's breaking my heart. The pictures are "eh", and you're weird "editing" is odd. Please, please, please just give me the unedited pictures and I'll take care of the rest. I know I should be SO concerned with the pictures, there are a few good ones here and there. I think I just wanted something a bit more artistic, a bit more Style Me Pretty

Dear Jason, God bless you! Not only for bringing home two bottles of wine for me, just because you like the fun name. Or the marble cheesecake I love from Publix. Or treating me to my favorite restaurant last night, when I was "moping" around. Or for agreeing to re-take some wedding pictures, for me. But just because you are so awesome, so thoughtful, and so caring. I love you dearly, and I thank so thankful for you!

Dear College Football, you are RIGHT around the corner. I can't wait to tailgate with my friends on Saturdays. Even though I "loose" my husband (super weird) for a few months to the Gators, I'm still so excited to have something fun to do every Saturday. And, of course plan my outfits out. Yes, I root for two teams. No, they aren't in the same conference. :)

And in reality, none of this really matters today.

Dear Friends, Family and victims in Aurura, Colorado, my thoughts and prayers are with y'all through this tragedy. This world is getting to be a nasty place, and My heart truly breaks for you guys today. May God comfort you in this time.


Happy Weekending


Thursday, July 19, 2012

You guys, I'm obsessed

excuse me.
I'm having a teenybopper moment.
My friend sent this to me last night, and I'm beyond obsessed with it. 
Oh god, it's Call Me, Maybe all.over.again.

Watch and enjoy

There are so many things I love about this, like Lance in the backseat of the car, with a girl. awkward.
I miss Nsync, they need a come back.
So does Nelly. For real. 
Is it weird that I blogged about them both twice in a week?
eeeeh, a little.

I'm gonna go back and watch this on repeat, and pretend that I just didn't sound like a 12 year old. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Goin' to the Chapel - The pre-wedding get together

I was going to kick off our Wedding Rehearsal. 
Until, I started with talking about my family dynamic. 
I apologize in advance for this wordy post!

I guess we should back up a bit, and go back my family dynamic. My parents were divorced about 12 years ago, and to say it was a bad divorce is an understatement.  My dad and I never had a relationship, and would see each other maybe once a year. About 5 years ago, my dad's job moved him out to San Francisco and we talked even less. He met Jason one time when he happened to be in Orlando for business. 

When I emailed him about our engagement, and my recent promotion at work. He replied "Sounds great"- For 6 Months into my engagement, that was all I had heard from him. I planned to have my brother walk me down the aisle, and then my mom and my brother. 

If you didn't already know, my mom is my rock. 

About two months before my wedding, my dad came into town. We went to dinner and talked about everything. It was almost 4 hours, of both of us crying about how our relationship turned out. I decided on that day forward, that I didn't want to regret not involving him. I wanted these pictures. I wanted these moments.  My mom suggested that both her and my dad walk me down the aisle. 

I was freaking out - My parents haven't seen each other and haven't talked since divorcing, And, that wasn't on good terms. I suggested that we get together the night before the rehearsal, for a drink, to get rid of all the nerves. Wednesday. I was a wreck. Thinking about how my mom and dad were going to react was driving me crazy. 

Jason and I prepped conversation topics in the car, does anyone else do this?i I wish I was joking, but  we had 5 conversation ideas just in case there was an awkward lull during this.  That stuff happens

My worries were put to rest, We met.  Had two drinks, a few appetizers and talked about our lives, our wedding, our honeymoon. I was completely nerve-free for the rest of the weekend (total lie)

I'm so thankful that my parents pushed away their differences and came together for my wedding. It's honestly something I never imagined happening. 

Next week..I promise we'll get to the nitty gritty.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Me, Myself and I

It's a rainy day here in Orlando - and that makes my brain not.want.to.work. Instead, I'd rather be home, watching the crap out of my DVR. Needless to say I was brain dead when it came to blogging today. UNTIL, I stumbled upon this adorable and fun little linkup.

Check it.
I'm so excited to participate. Join me!! :)

This is actually a toughie for me. I'm pretty much afraid of everything. Roller-coasters, Bugs, Reptiles, etc. Any animal other than a dog, basically scares me some way or another. and yes, this includes cats. Although my biggest phobia, may make y'all think I'm a little cuckoo - and that's okay. My biggest phobia, in life, is that my kids will wind up killing me. I'm not kidding, ladies. This ish happens a lot, and I have no idea why...but it freaks me out! 

Bart Whitaker's case started it all. I was going to add a picture, but it's just too creepy! Read the story here

Being that I a really recent newlywed, I would love to relive my wedding day over and over and over again. It just went by so quick! I would give anything to relive the day, and cherish every second. 

Such a good question! I love how much I've grown up in the last year, and what my future has in store. But on the other hand, life was so good when I was carefree! If I could I would jump back in time to when I was in my early twenties, making more money than I knew what to do with, and traveling around the US.
Yup, I was a flight attendant. And, yes I'm wayyyyy up there in the picture! And, yes...my hair is dark brown. I had some of the best times in my life during those three years. Then I decided to grow up and go back to college. 

Here's a blurry picture during my last year there!

For some reason, I get mistaken for a younger version of Heather Locklear from time to time. Eh, I'll take it - she aged gracefully....before the drug probz.

It would definitely be a mix, that's for sure! I'd include a little late 90's/early 2000's rap and pop to memorialize my highschool years. Mixed with a ton of Country and Jimmy Buffett. I feel like any particular song from the group below would of played a part in my life at one point or another! Blake Shelton's God Gave Me You was our first dance song, so that's a definite. 

Head on over and link up with us! Can't wait to read more about all of you lovely ladies!