Friday, December 21, 2012

They were wrong!

The world didn't end, although one could argue that my hangover yesterday was a symptom of the apocalypse.
But it didn't happen. We're still here, and all the stuff I "put off" will have to be taken care of.

Like.... Laundry! I was really hoping to get out of that one. shooot.

Might as well be my basket. I've got laundry for days. 

Oh, and Bills! Yeah, I was hoping I could spend all of my money boozing and eating this last week. And put off paying those pesky Cable and Credit Card bils. 
Jokes on me!

Lastly, I was really hoping to get out of doing the rest of my Christmas Shopping. NO ONE wants to go to Walmart a mere 3 days before Christmas. No one. Especially not to my "neighboorhood store"

Way to screw me on this on, Mayans!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

6 Cheery days until Christmas

6 days until Christmas, ya'll. 
I cannot wait for a day of happiness, fingers crossed that it will be filled to the brim with happy and joy and wine. Lots of wine. I just have a little inkling with all the recent events that it won't be. It just won't.
I've said it before, but my Family is cray. If I didn't feel protective over them, I would just screenshot all  the things my Momma and I have been dealing with and texting about lately for you to see just exactly how ridiculous it is.  But I'm too protective, slightly embarrassed that this is my bloodline, and just over it. Instead of focusing on all of that negative energy, I want to be happy. 
I'm choosing happiness. 
Please pick me back, happiness, I don't want this to be like the days of recess. #lastkidstanding
I digress

To reel this back into Christmas and Cheer, and everything nice...I'm linking up with Kristen from All in my Twenties to share my Christmas Card. 
This is our first one as a Married couple, so I couldn't pass it up. 
And, I scored these suckers for 60% off. Which I in-turn took those savings right on down to Old Navy to celebrate my frugalness.
I was 100% against using a Wedding picture on our card this year. Partly because I don't love them, and partly because I feel everyone is over seeing our Wedding pictures (they were on our Thank you cards!) We tried to do a makeshift photo shoot - Bailey in reindeer ears, Jason festive in a green polo, and me all in a Christmasy scarf. Cute, right?
No! It was horrible. We tried outside, and it was at least 100 degrees out. Bailey kept pawing off the ears. We moved locations to get into a shady spot in Mom's backyard. While walking over, Jason stepped in Bailey poop...and then I threw in the towel on the photo shoot. Save that ish for the professionals, Ladies!
Link up with Kristen and show us what you got!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our tree of memories

Our tree is up!

When we first moved into together and had our first "couples" tree, all of the ornaments were the generic red bulbs. Throughout the past three years, we've been trying to collect ornaments that are closer to our hearts. So that putting up our tree will be like taking a mini walk down memory lane.

We pick them up from our travels, most recently from our honeymoon in Jamaica (which I still haven't uploaded pictures or posted about)
It's a santa painted on a shell.

And, of course we have a memory ornament for every year. 

Do you have any ornaments that hold a special place in your heart?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Thank you" doesn't seem enough

I don't think I've been able to respond to the comments and emails from Friday, but that is my goal for today. You ladies are the sweetest, most kindhearted people. I let Jason read them, and he's just been so moved by the outpouring love and support
I wanted to take some time today and write a post of letters to share a little of my gratitude.
(Monday night's event)
Dear my WPHS family, it's a rare thing that people are this close after high school.  Seeing people Monday night, coming to share their love, stories, and kind words, in the rain mind you, really was beautiful. It's sad that a tragdy had to bring us close again, but that was the amazing thing about Aaron. He brought everyone together. He wasn't in a particular "clique" in high school, and 10 years later it is still amazing to hear stories about how great of a friend he really was to so many people.  
To Jason's best friends, I could not imagine having a better set of stand up guys in our lives. You guys have been amazing and have been his rock. You've comforted him and made him laugh in the memories. and, To my best friends, you girls hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for coming out to be there for us last night, for sending us your mama's food or a giftcard to spare us from your cooking. Thank you for checking in several times throughout the weekend all the way from Dallas and from San Francisco.
...And, Wendy I know, I get really annoyed with the "Let's get everyone into one big group shot" photos that come out of every event. But I deeply love them so much. 

Dear the Other bar, you guys are Rockstars. Each and every one of you. Thank you for showing Aaron's family just how many lives he touched. I don't think they even knew that side of him. It was a beautiful thing. 
Dear Jason, I'm so in awe of you. You have really made me so proud. This is hard. really hard. but you are making everyone in Orlando so aware of the situation. I know in my heart, your efforts will pay off. Justice will be served. Then we'll be able to properly mourn for Aaron. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Gone too Soon

Today we lost a loved one, a friend and a great person.

Waking up to that call is a feeling I never want to have again. Jason's mom called to let us know that his cousin, Aaron, was driving on his moped home from work last evening and was hit by a car. The car left the scene, and left Aaron in the road.
Aaron was too young. He had a whole life in front of him. Still working in the hospitality industry, he wanted to go back to school. To have a career, and to have a family. Unfortunately all of those dreams were taken from him in one minute.
I''m angry, sad, confused, hurt and most of all heartbroken over seeing my husband in so much pain. Aaron was born one month before Jason, they were more than cousins...they were brothers.
Never forget to Cherish those people closest to you now and forever.
Give them a big hug.
Snap that picture
Say "I love you"
Memories are all that we have. 
RIP Aaron.
We will miss your laughter, your own little language, and the way you lit up every room. You'll forever be in my heart. I guess what they say is true "only the good die young'
10/7/84 - 12/7/12

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Party-Rock the Holidays!

About 4 years ago, all of us girls got together and decided we wanted to do a Girl's only christmas party. Everyone brought over a dish b.p. (before pinterest), a bottle of wine and a $20 gift.  We collectively gave it the klassy name of "Ho, ho, ho" party!

 (I'm not to sure what my hair was doing)

Anyways...We held a wine competition, which if I do say so myself is the best game ever,  and had an absolute blast. 11 bottles and several shots later, we threw on our favorite high school jams (oh, hey Nelly) and started a dance party!

We've continued this tradition over the years. 
Adding in boyfriends (now husbands) into the mix. 
We still do our own little girl wine competition and dirty santa. but unfortunately with the boys there to reign us in, the dance party hasn't happened in quite a long time.

There's really nothing more I love than dressing up, reconnecting and laughing with my friends. This year's theme is Ugly Christmas Sweater. I put together this little outfit inspiration today, and now I'm on the it not perfect?

I needz to find some reindeer leggings! 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dear Santa...

I promise I've been really nice this year, and just to take the burden off everyone...I've turned to Pinterest to help put together my little wish list. Thoughtful little one, right?

It's a shame that my gifts get more and more practical as I get older. I'm still a little girl at heart and would LOVE for a little puppy...but that's a long shot.

1. Giftcards: As much as I loate gifting giftcards, I loveeee receiving them. It takes away all of my shoppers remorse when I step up to the line at F21 and swipe my giftcard. A girls always needs new clothes, amiright? The JJ's giftcard is for my work lunch breaks, it's my favorite lunch spot. 

2. Monogrammed Goodies: You ladies already know this, but I cannot get enough monograms in my life. A necklace is topping my wishlist (and I believe has already been purchased-eeek) but a monogrammed maybook planner is a close contender. With my friends getting  married left and right, I need something to keep track of all the fun! 

3. Bully Pup: Bailey needs a lil' friend. I need another scrunchy face to love on. That pretty much sums that up.

4. Home goods & K-cups: We need a Master Bedroom update - our current bedspread is so drab. We do already own this style for our guest room (in teal), and we L.O.V.E. it. It's so comfy! I'm hoping we can add this gorgeous champagne bedspread to our Master. The Mint Floor cleaner would be another amazing addition to our house. Our house is 90% tile floors. And let's face it, a bi-weekly maid service is one pretty pricey christmas gift! Lastly, just can never have enough of them.

5. Comfy & Cozy Slippers: I saw these bad boys at Target over the weekend and cannot stop drooling over them. p.s. They are pink on the inside. Yes, yes, and yes! I want to relax on the couch with them all day long. I think Jason took the hint ;)

So there is my little wish list. Of course, there are a few more things I'm swooning over... like these lovely ladies:
but we allllll know that's not going to happen.

What's on your Christmas list this year?