Wednesday, January 2, 2013

11 days just wasn't enough.

I know, I know. I'm a brat. I had 11 days off from work for the holidays, and I'm still bitching that it wasn't enough. 
It just wasn't.
I was really starting to make a great Stay at home/ Real Housewife. If Bravo is ever auditioning in Orlando, we'll let's just say I practiced my little heart out. 

So here's what number form of course.

eleven. Is the amount of days I drank on this break. Yeah, it was glorious. Bloody Marys in the Morning, Chard out of my new sippy cups. Fireball shots sprinkled in between.  Sangria on Christmas day. And of course, Champs on New Years. 
ten. Movies we watched over break. We were redbox and netflix addicts. My favorite, by far, was Pitch Perfect. It was aca-mazing. Everything Fat Amy said, I died laughing. 

nine. well that's the time I was nearing bed most nights. With all these movies, I was sure to pass out early every night. Nothing I love more than a good nights' sleep.

eight. trips to Target. I wish I was kidding. I convinced myself that they would see me strolling in on the security camera and laugh to themselves. Target is .2 miles away from my house. It's impossible to have days off and not pay it a visit. Especially when you're armed with 3 giftcards.

seven. beautiful little items ( 5 tops + 2 necklaces) I bought at Forever 21 with my Christmas Giftcard. Including this pretty white peplum top I scored for New Years. I might be in love with this top. might...
(hi steph)
six. times we had breakfast together at home. Bring on the cheesiness, but seriously cooking breakfast together is one of our favorite things to do. We definitely took advantage of waking up late and cooking! My other favorite thing in the world = after breakfast naps. 

five.  Family Christmas events we had to run around too. Tis the season for shuffling around from house to house, amiright? Don't get me wrong I love our families, but sometimes the chaos is just too much. We talked about it this year, In two years we'll be taking over the "breakfast" Christmas at his dad's house. I can't wait to have our own traditions. 
This is the time our Christmas day started

four. this is the amount of days I'm allowing myself to go out a month. aka My New Years Resolution. Four days.

Yes, Kim. Sadly only 4 days. I can do this.....I hope.

three.  days I watched my nephews who were horrrrrrible. They are cute, yes. But man those boys do not listen. We tried to take them to the dog park, which has a little lake and beach area there. Before we knew it, those boys had completely submerged themselves in the lake. Between that, the fights, the farts and burps...I'm hoping for all girls. 

two. DIY house projects completed. Two more to go. I owe it all to you, Pinterest. I'm going to try and link up one of them for tomorrow's Si.Di.Pi. link up. 

one. Fantastic first Newlywed christmas and New Years down in the books. Hooray!



  1. Well, I was about to comment on some other things but then I read your vow to only go out 4 days a month. HAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, and I'm going to start drinking wine out of a bottle. ;)

    You and that HUBBY of yours are just presh.

  2. Sounds like my kind of 11 days off! How was 10 years? We go past it on netflix and always hem & haw over if it's worth watching. Glad you had a good Holiday break :)

  3. I'm so jealous you had 11 days off! That sounds pretty much like how I would have spent it if I had all that time off though

  4. I agree - 11 days was no where NEAR enough!

    I think I had you beat on Target tripes - when Christmas hit 70% off yesterday, my mom and I went to three different one day. It's a problem, we're working on it.

  5. I also had 11 days off and it wasn't enough!! Glad you had a fab Christmas - Happy New Year!

  6. I had 11 days off too and I totally agree...not good enough...can I somehow be a stay at home dog mom? haha

  7. well aren't yall just the cutest newlyweders (word?) and i would sign up to laze around my house any old time. and way to go on DIY projects. i am the worst about those.

  8. Ahhh 11 days sounds seriously glorious. I would have definitely done everything you did if I had 11 days!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  9. 11 days of bliss!!! I hated going back to work this am!!! HATED IT. Indulging in bloody's and movies is where it's at!

  10. I am dying at work today and I only had the holidays off...blah!! I lovvvvved Pitch Perfect! It's one of my favs right now. I rented it the other day and watched it like 3 times in 24 hrs.

  11. I had 11 days off too! Today was my first day back and I am not even all here! I am glad you had a fab christmas!

    ~ Heather

  12. Those pics were cracking me up! Glad you had a nice Christmas! :)