Monday, January 14, 2013

Brides and Booze.

A winning combination if I do say so myself.
We attended a beautiful wedding on Saturday, and you guys know my obsession with weddings. 
This was a wedding of my childhood neighbor/friend. The street we grew up on was magical. It built us relationships that have last over 20 years and 3 hurricanes. 
These people were and still are my family.
and I died a little when I saw these gorgeous sneaks from the Photographer. 

Just amazing.
On Sunday, I somehow woke up and headed right to the store to pick up champagne and OJ. Necessary Mimosa ingredients. Wendy, Steph and I headed to this really cool Bridal Crawl in Downtown. There are about 8 beautiful venues that participate and they are each set up for weddings.  Complete with food, drinks and cake. 
It was amazing. 
Especially for a wedding-loving girl like myself.


  1. Her dress is gorgeous! And that bridal crawl sounds like so much fun, I wish there was something here like that.

  2. I seriously can't believe you didn't share your coffee/liquor store invention. If you just didn't want someone to steal it, I'd understand but how else do you expect to get investors? ;)

  3. I've never heard of a bridal crawl but that looks like SO much fun!!

  4. That looks like a complete amazing weekend!! Bridal crawl? Never heard of but looks like fun!!

  5. I love these pictures! Looks like such a pretty wedding.

  6. omg these pics are freaking gorgeous. the one in the bathroom?! prettyyy

  7. Gorgeous wedding + you looked amazing!

  8. Gorgeous wedding! Her dress is amazing!

    And I saw the Bridal Crawl going on- we had the color run and then went to Whiskey Dick's for brunch- yummy mimosa bar! :)

  9. looks like a great wedding!!! i love the bathroom shot so cuteeee!!!! Hoep you have a great week!!

  10. Gorgeous bride and a fun wedding, from the looks of it :)

    The sneak pictures from the photog are absolutely amazing! What a talented photographer!