Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Facts about Moi!

I saw on the twitter machine that My lil' lovebug, Whitney, was doing a fun link-up. As exhausted as I may be, I just cannot pass this up. My love for her runs that deep.

Fact - Today would not be possible without you, DD

Fact - Every time I spell Bananas, I'm silently singing Gwen Stefani in my head. and now you are too.  You can thank me later.

Fact - I was a dancer most of my life and not the kind you're thinking. I still catch myself choreographing dances all the time (in my head) - which is what I do every single time I hear "Ho Hey" by Lumineers
Oh, and Whitney's post inspired me to share this dancing gem.
Fact - I'm a creature of habit. I order the same thing every time I go to a restaurant. I've been getting the same sub from subway since 6th grade, I don't ever change my pizza toppings. And, if there is an Italian sandwich on the menu you can bet your bottom dollar I'm going to order it. Without Tomatos, Onions and Mayo...add Mustard, please!
Fact - I'm not an overly romantic person. Which is great, because either is Jason. We just enjoy our time together and have fun. Isn't that what life is about? Sometimes I do long for those cute only-seen-in-movies-dates. but again, creature of habit....Give me Ruby Tuesdays, Sangria and Steak, and I'm one happy camper.
Fact - I used to love traveling. Not to say I don't anymore...but I love being home, way more! It's a drastic change from my old Flight Attendant ways.
Fact - I still get mad when I see pictures of myself with stupid hairdos. See also: picture above. WHY on earth did I have my hair pinned back that tight? We had to have it away from our face, but geez my 20 year old self couldn't come up with anything else? Also...that was 8 years ago. Crazy.
Fact - I'm a brunch fanatic. Mostly because it makes it socially acceptable to booze before noon.
Fact - After this past weekend, I"m a tad depressed that I'm not a Celebrity. They got so much free stuff.
Fact - I have a shopping addiction. For instance, I bought this lipstick just because it said Kate on it

and..you guys already know I'm bad at Conclusions. 


  1. Such a great friend you are linking up after such a week. I owe you brunch. Really though, when can we get brunch? :))

  2. I do the same thing when spelling bananas and when I was younger, I spelled trouble by singing that old song by Travis Tritt haha

  3. thank goodness for this link up so I could learn that you were a flight attendant! A friend's mom was one when we were little and I was always so jealous - it seemed like the coolest job EVER at the time.

    And I feel you on the hair - slicked back was so not a good look on me.

  4. We obviously are meant to be friends. Yes to Gwen Stefani, yes to choreographing (I was a gymnast), yes to habit, yes to not romantic, yes to it all :) xox

  5. I'm the same way with food. My husband doesn't understand why I only order pepperoni and black olive pizza at Olive Garden. It's just the way I am.

  6. I love brunching. Which is most definitely a verb down here in the South. I so wish it was acceptable to down a mimosa for breakfast every day and then a Bloody for an early lunch.

    Boo, work. Or else I'd brunch on the daily.

  7. I feel like we need some flight attendant stories here!

  8. I'mma new follower from the link up! I love brunching and ordering the same food all the time too :)

  9. It sure looked like you were celebrity statues this past weekend on IG- My Best Friend's Wedding whhaaaa ?

  10. "Fact - Every time I spell Bananas, I'm silently singing Gwen Stefani in my head. and now you are too. You can thank me later."


  11. oh my goodness! I did my hair the same way! I'd even go so far to wet it down and make it tight into a pony tail...awfulness.

  12. I love brunch for that exact reason as well! Found you from the link-up, love your blog!! New follower! :)

  13. Stoppin' by from the link up! I love love LOVE brunch too. And I laughed out loud when I read the Gwen Stefani banana spell checking. I do it too! New follower here!

  14. let's be celebrities so we can get free stuff, yeah?