Thursday, January 10, 2013

For the love of Games.

Just to clarify, I have a deep-rooted love for games.
Not to be confused with the Game. 
Today I thought it would be fun to play a little game with y'all. I saw this floating around the blogsphere some time ago, and true to fashion I am way late to the party.
Now, tell me... Who doesn't love a good ol' fashion high school icebreaker? 
If you've never played, the rules are the game are simple. I tell you three facts about myself,  two of them are true and one is a lie. 

You get to guess which one is a lie.

1. I was a contestant on CashCab.

2.  I met Devon Sawa when I was 12

3. I traveled Italy for three weeks. 

Can't wait to see your guesses!


  1. The lie is Cash Cab - I know from living in NYC that they don't actually just pick people up off the street, they have casting calls for contestants :)

  2. if the devon sawa is a truth then my 12 year old former self is so jealous of you.

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  4. I will jump on board with cash cab..but I am so jealous of this italy trip!

  5. I wish and hope that Cash Cab is a truth... LOVE that show! Whatever happened to it, is it still on?

  6. If you've been on Cash Cab I'm going to be extremely jealous.

    Actually, I'd be extremely jealous of all of these. Only the Devon Sawa jealousy stems from a much younger version of me.

  7. I'm thinking Italy and Devon Sawa - is there a prize for all of us who get it right?? Haha. If you were on cash much money did you get???

  8. I really want the cash cab situation to be true, but I know it's the lie!