Thursday, January 17, 2013

Free Ponies!

1..2..3..eyes on me.

 God, I hated when my elementary school teachers would say that. They are like that annoying girl in high school that goes out of their way to wear something completely skanky just to get attention. NO MA'M, I DO NOT WANT TO LOOK AT YOU. IF I DID, I'D ALREADY BE LOOKING! If you don't know already, I'm Kait and I blog over at GridIron Lipstick. I blog about everything from my obsession with Christmas to what's cooking in my kitchen, Chrissy Teigen and everything in between. In this case, everything in between in not equal to having babies or taking pictures of my outfits (unless you want to see some really awkward photos), so if that's what you're looking for this might be where we part ways. I also have a totally fab fiance and a dog, so I talk about them sometimes, too. And speaking of that fiance, he just put a ring on it on January 3rd so we're fresh into this wedding world. Is it just me or does Kate's wedding video make your tear up? I'll need me one of those. So I guess in the coming weeks we will be chattin' wedding things, too.
AWWWE. It's true, people love dogs. And babies. But we don't have any of the latter around GridIron Lipstick.

Is it me or when you see guest post you're like OHHHH MANN! That's NOT what I wanted today, but okay, I'll read along anyhow. Or don't. I think some people just leave, kind of like when the man on the TV says "We interrupt this program to bring you...blah blah blah". I want my regularly scheduled program, man in my television!

So today, I will just say that I'm giving away ponies over at GridIron Lipstick, so come on over and get ya some! THIS IS THE FINE PRINT WHERE I TELL YOU I AM, IN FACT, NOT GIVING PONIES OUT, BUT NO ONE EVER READS THE FINE PRINT, WHICH IS WHY WE HAVE LAWSUITS SO....

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