Friday, January 11, 2013

Liar, Liar, pants on Fire.

I had so much fun reading the comments from yesterday's post.  
Here's the scoop on the truths and the lie. 
TRUTH: I was a contestant on CashCab.
yes, like a few's not a "random" cab pick up. It's pre-casted. 
There is a whole story they tell you ahead of time, and send you to a location to be picked up by a "bus". The bus is running late so they just have us grab the next cab that comes up....Cash Cab.
This is us waiting outside our pickup location.
What's up with my leg?
We won $1,200, which I'm completely chalking that up to Miss Wendy (white jacket) It was so much fun!
LIE: I Met Devon Sawa when I was 12.
Despite numerous fanmail letters (via the addresses in Tiger beat and Teen Bop) I never met him. Believe me, that was my DREAM in 1995

TRUTH: I traveled Italy for three weeks.
The summer before 9th grade, my mom, dad and I headed over to Italy for a dream trip. We were able to visit my Grandfather's home village, and meet like 300 of my relatives. It was insane. I cannot believe I'm sharing this picture.

I'm going to go bury myself in a hole now. 
Maybe drown my sorrows in a burrito bowl with Whitney and Steph too.


  1. So it WAS cash cab?! JEALOUSSS.

    ERMAHGERD- Teen Beat. You did NOT just go there.

  2. Dang....if you would of met Devon..that would of made my teenage self very happy and jealous!

  3. Ahhhh I'm so glad it was Cash Cab! Were you on an episode? How fun!

  4. LOVE the Two Truths and a Lie idea...might have to steal this!

    I used to be in love with Johnathan Taylor Thomas. Devon Sawa, too. Oh to be 12 again!!

  5. haha this is awesome!! so wish you met him though...

  6. Good to know that Cash Cab had casting. My dad always had dreams of us finding it during a visit to NYC, haha.