Thursday, January 3, 2013

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. - Chalkboard

My little break-a-roo lead to me spending countless hours on Pinterest. Finally, Jason and I decided to tackle a few of these projects! This chalkboard is the first one we completed.
Our pantry cabinet butts up to our "welcoming" hallway. Damn those 1970's gallery kitchens. It's always been an eye-sore that I just didn't know what to do with. Not to mention - the countless times I'd remind my self to for grocery items but fail to write them down. And then fail to pick them up at the store. When I saw this Pin, I knew it'd solve both problems. 
Also, I'd get to write cool ish on it. 

You ladies know I can't resist burlap, right?
We set out to Hob Lob and Target to get our  my craft on.
Cheap-o Target mirror, Chalkboard Spray Paint, Command Strips & Burlap Ribbon.
I feel like this project is pretty self-explanatory. I just cleaned the mirror, Sprayed a few coats of Chalkboard spray paint (didn't read the directions to not write on it for 72 hours - of course)! After it was all dried and ready to go, I hot glued a burlap bow and then stuck it to the cabinet with command strips.
That's it!
And here she is in all of her glory.

Hello. there!
And then her little sassy pants on NYE

There you have. A cheap, fun, burlap-ified chalkboard. 


  1. love this girl! You did a great job! I made a chalkboard for my maternity photos but would love to do a bigger one for my Kitchen. I was even considering painting my pantry door with chalkpaint. Once baby is here I thought it might be fun for her to chalk up:)

  2. I love this..I might have to copy this one! Good job

  3. Oh, I like that sassy note. Yes I do.
    Also, this is berry berry cuuute and when we have a girls night in (because I can't let you fail at this New Years resolution) we will write more sassy things on it.
    Which may, or may not, be approps for the bliggity.

  4. Ohh, I love it!! Super cute & cheap!

  5. So cute! I haven't even seen this on Pinterest. Love chalkboard paint -- the possibilities are endless!

  6. Love this! Loving it even more so because of the drink champagne and dance on the table quote. Once we finally have a home of our own, that quote will be going right above our bar area. Which we BETTER have.

  7. This is great! And I LOVE the burlap ribbon...perfect addition :) I keep meaning to either do THIS, OR paint my actual pantry door with chalkboard paint. This would probably be a better idea because I could actually write on door is kinda textured so it probably would not be very effective! Actually - you just gave me an even better idea for myself (not better than yours, just better for my sitch!). Do your project on a smaller frame and put it on the back of the door that leads to my garage...which I will then use to write myself notes about stuff I need to remember! ha!

  8. This is so cute! I love it! I definitely want to make something like that!

  9. this turned out AMAZING. for real. it looks just like the pin! I am impressed!

  10. Aww super cute and sounds simple!

  11. Cute!! I have really been dying to incorporate some chalkboard into my kitchen...this may be the ticket.

  12. This is awesome! I'm SOOOO doing this!

  13. Stop it!! That is freaking adorable!!! I SO need to do this!!

    Thank you for linking up with us sweet girl! Hope you had a great new years!!

  14. I need a chalkboard! Yours looks great :)