Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Things I'm not.

There comes a point in life when you realize all the things you are in life, as well of all the things you aren't.  That's just a fact. 
A fact like champs is always classy - even in plastic "glasses"
So here are a few things I'm not.
   I'm not a savvy shopper, by any means. I'm more than obsessed with Target...which is about as savvy as it gets. Except for the fact that I just bought a bathing suit January. Compulsive, much?
It's a cute one
 I'm not a girl that's good at "getting ready". I hardly know how to straighten my hair,  which means that  I can't even pretend to know how to curl it. I never paint my fingernails (see the picture above) and my toe nails are always some shade of pink. Let's just be thankful I get out of the house..mmkay.
I'm not good with advice. Like any kind of it. BUT, I'm an excellent person to forget your problems and go drinking with. Yup, that's just the friend I am.
I'm not a sing-along person. Is there such a thing? Basically, I forget the words to every song....but I still belt it out with the best of them.
I'm not a girl at the gym just working on my fitness. I'm trying to be, but I'm not. Screw you, New Years Resolutions. Screw you!
I'm not a aunt that can build a car out of wood. Nope, not me. As you can see I coerced my nephew into doing a truck for his derby - 4 cuts, that's my limit.
I'm not a "real" blogger. I don't have a fancy schmacy camera (I really wish I did!), I don't even know if I want to look into the sponsorships thing and I don't schedule or plan posts. I tried it, and it didn't work. I'm just not that interesting. With all that said, I love love love the blogging community. Especially the empowerment and praise I see each day. Bloggers are doing big things and it's so awe-inspiring to see their dreams take off!
I'm not good at signing off posts. I was never good at conclusions on essays and I'm not good at this either.


  1. Ok, so I might need to be a big fat copy cat and go buy that same bathing suit because it just made me swoon a little bit.

    Also, scheduling posts is seriously for the birds.

  2. So glad I'm not the only one who doesn't schedule posts! I seriously don't have time for that shiz, nor do I have enough things going on in my brain to do more than one post at a time. I admire those who do!

    I drink my wine out of plastic wine glasses. So, no judging here!!

  3. Amen sista. You sound like a great friend to me!! Sometimes I'd rather get drunk then hear people preach.

  4. i'm not a lot of those things either. which makes me love you more. cheers to not good cameras and not keeping resolutions.

  5. I'm pretty sure my coworkers prob don't think I own a hair dryer OR straightnere... my hair is most often a wet mess every day! Sometimes a half-dried pony! Haha!!

    I dooo schedule posts from time to time, when I've got the creative juices flowing it helps to get 'em all out at once. Because I definitely go through phases where i have NOTHING to blog about, and it helps to have backup ;)

  6. I do not schedule post either..I just post what comes out of this little head!

  7. Love this post!!! I am not a "scheduler" nor do I sponsor or have any sponsors on my blog. It is just my little piece of the web with all my crazy thoughts haha! I am also not a cook or a good housekeeper.

  8. I love that you touched on the empowerment and praise aspect of blogging. It amazed me yesterday how many people reached out to me after my post yesterday - bloggers really know how to make a girl feel good!

  9. I love your honesty! This post made me giggle.

  10. So you're telling me that the person I've been coming to for over 3 years about advice is bad at giving advice? Errr..

    & I'm totally a sing-along person. So there, they exist.

  11. I am df not a "getting ready" gal either. hair is either 1) down, natural, or 2) in a bun. 2 minute hair ftw

  12. I never know the words to songs either, but I still sing like I do!

  13. I am the worst at giving advice. I have found if I don't say much, the other person just keeps on talking and eventually gives themselves the advice they wanted in the first place.

  14. I suck at conclusions too. I always feel like I end my posts with some cop out or fluff.