Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just me and the Tanners. #nbd

Oh, hey there!
I don't know what's going on lately, but I just feel as though I have nothing exciting to report. Maybe it's all that balance....nope still haven't quite figured that out. It's a work in progress though.
My life is the same old, same old...and if I'm not running from one place to another, I'm probably trying to fall asleep to rev up for another day.
In actual fun news, We've been steadily planning our next vacation, which happens to fall on my birthday. 
Yup, We are heading over to the the land of wine and Tanner Family.
When we're not playing fetch with Comet or catching Jesse and the Rippers local gigs, we'll be sharing stories about all the good times we used to have. 
In addition to our mini-reunion,  Jason and I will be heading to Sonoma, Alcatraz, Google, and to see my favorite 5ohfamily somewhere along the way while enjoying everything SanFran has to offer.
You know how much I love vacation tips. So spill your favorite things to do in the City by the bay.


  1. Sounds like a good trip! I love Full House, too!

  2. We went to San Fran & Napa for our honeymoon! I'm 110% certain I left my heart in Napa. Or perhaps just in the bottom of a wine bottle... Either way, I'm so jealous you're heading out to Cali! We can't wait 'til we get to go back one day :)

  3. I haven't gotten this invite yet. HOW RUDE!

  4. While watching a movie the other day there was a brief shot of what was sure to be the Tanner house and I yelled at - TANNERS!

    This post made me laugh - it was timely to my unyielding love for that family.

    Enjoy your tripppp!

  5. I am dying to go out to San Francisco (but it's a little bit away from Kentucky) :) I cannot wait to hear about your trip!