Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cause I've still got a little bit of Growing to do

I really thought that by the time I was 25 that I would have everything. Marriage, kids, successful job, big bucks...the works! I'm currently reporting from my 28th year and I can say that I currently have 1 1/2 of those things - Marriage and a Job. 
Which means I still have some growing up to do.

When I grow up...

I'll own a house that was built specifically for us. I'll use my Pinterest board to work with our builder and he'll give me all of these

I'll have kids that dress like this with Dogs that look like this:
And Bailey too, of course.

One thing will stay the same, I'll have wine with my girlfriends when I can. But maybe then I'll be having Real Housewive's style dinner parties.

This saying will reign true:

And at the end of all of it...Jason and I will retire, move out to my Dream Beach house in New Smyrna (it's named Sandy Feet) and drink Miami Vice's every day.

hashtag dream over


  1. I want that pool and that backyard grill set-up now too! That looks seriously amazing. Visiting from the link-up today! :)

  2. Agreed, being from the South it is an expectation to have be married by 24/25, have kids, etc...I'm 25 and haven't checked off those things yet, but am totally happy with it at the moment! I will get there :-)
    That closet is my fav out of the ones I've seen from the linkup today...and that doggie pic is adorable!