Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Love

Monday's always have a way of creeping up on you. This weekend in Florida was gorgeous and I just wanted to spend every single minute outside.
We kind of followed that plan.
1. Friday night started out with Happy Hour/turned all night out with my work friends. 
2. Saturday morning started bright and early with my first Barre Class. Loved it.
3. It consequently ended with Red Velvet Icecream. Judge away.
4.  Sunday was Bailey's day out - we started at the Doggie Art Festival
5. And ended up at our Favorite bar, Stagger Inn. Dog Friendly plus free hot dogs and hamburgers
6. ACM's was the perfect end to our weekend.

Let's talk discuss the ACM's shall we? First of all, Taylor left that award show with nada. I've said it once and I'll say it again, It really makes me so happy to see real country music being represented and awarded at these shows. 
Next thing, Tears were flowing last night. From MOI! I mean, these two speeches just made me cry tears of joy.
And lastly, Carrie looked amazing. Like she always does.
I'm off to go download, Lukey's new song and jam for the day!
Happy Monday!


  1. Me too on the Swift thing, me too. And yes, tears here too :) Sounds like a wonderful weekend girl!

  2. I've heard that Barre classes are good...tough but good!

    And I totally support the red velvet ice cream :) you earned it!

    Loved the ACM's last night, and though I do really like T. Swift, I was thinking to myself last night she doesn't fit the genre too well anymore.

    Happy for Luke Bryant :)

  3. I agree with you on the Taylor Swift comment..she needed a real reality check..I think she was truly shocked she did not win. I am stopping by from the weekend update, have a great day. If you get a chance check out the giveaway I am hosting on my blog!

  4. Awe, Bailey looks like my little Gracie!! Too cute. I totally forgot the awards were on last night...what was I thinking?!?!

  5. I was so happy not to hear Taylor's name called last night. I'm glad they let the fans vote, it speaks volumes! I downloaded Luke's song and a few others throughout the night.

  6. oh i have been wanting to try a barre class sooooo bad! and red velvet blue bell. i just can't eve. it's so good.
    Helene in Between