Friday, April 12, 2013

You can find me..

I'm a creature of habit. I find something I enjoy and I do it over and over and over again. When I was listening to Mr. J. Aldean on the way to work this morning, I thought..
"If I can find Jason in the back of a jacked up tailgate...where could people find me"
Since I know alllll of you definitely want to hang out with me (jokes!) here's where you can find me.

1. The beach, the pool or pretty much anywhere outdoors to enjoy my Sunshine state...near a body of water of course. 
It's the "hot" season in Florida, which means I"ll be near a some sort of water every weekend. While the beach is my favorite place to go, I'll settle for a good ol' fashion pool party any time!

2. Plopped down on my couch, with my fam-bam, watching crime shows (aka trying to convince Jason to watch Real Housewives)
In all seriousness, I'm obsessed with the Following. Which is why Monday's are my favorite TV nights. If you're searching for me...I'll be the one, in PJ's with a glass of wine and cuddling my dog as I scream at the screen while watching The Following.
3. a Country Concert.
If you attend a Country concert in the Central Florida area, it's a safe bet to say that you'll see me dancing around with fireball in my boots and a Koozie I bought from the vendors..
...or two.

4. Any festival with the word "Wine" in it.
Yeah...I'll be there. You don't have to ask me twice. 
No judging allowed...cause there will be ice in my cup.

5.  Oh...and on Friday, you can find me office-chair dancing to #backthatazzupfriday.
Today is my first time actually linking up...but rest assure, I'm on my A game with #backthatazzup every single week.
I've got two jams for you.

A classic throw back that I love to sing:
Bug A Boo by Destiny's Child on Grooveshark

and a New song from NKTOB...I'm obsessed

So..where can I find YOU?

besides linking up with Ms. Whit -Whit:


  1. Bugaboo! Great choice!! haha :) You can find me in the back of a jacked up tail gate....I wish! I need that Miranda koozie! Happy Friday!

  2. I totally put ice in my wine too. And to those who judge? I say, "Throw in a piece of fruit and you'd call it sangria, so stfu".

  3. AMAZING choice lady. One of my old school faves. And really...only the cool kids had a pager back then.

  4. Absolutely love your song choice! I would love to partake in all wine festivals, please and thank you!! New GFC follower from the linkup!
    Happy Friday!

  5. What about drinking copious amounts of wine with your long lost friend Whitney? Because she sure misses you a whole boat load and this post just made it worse.

  6. I found you from the linkup- I would say your list is a pretty good line-up of activities. Being from CT, I have to wait for the weather to come around for many of them! Happy Friday! :)

  7. Dude, Bug a Boo? AMAZING. Following along now :)

  8. I love country concerts - so fun :) Just found your cute blog, the name is adorable. I LOVE the south, even though I'm a california girl, so your blog makes me smile :)

    Now following along via GFC!!


  9. This is going to be really sad to admit but I only love that NKOTB video because the drummer from Better Than Ezra was called in to film it with them.