Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Let's face it, I'm always late.

You guys are super jel. of my blogging tactics, right? I can't even make it to the darn Weekend link-up on time...and all I have to do is literally screenshot weekend pictures.
So easy, yet so so hard.
Well, fear not my friends...I'm here with pictures.
{Cheese alert}
Memday holds a special place in my lil' heart. It's the weekend (2 years ago!) that Jason said "Hey, what to deal with this for the rest of your life" and then I said "Heck ya" and that was that. Then we drank Fireball with friends. So, every year on memday weekend we celebrate our Engaged anniversary...with a Fireball shot at Tavern. It's a tradition that I don't ever want to break.
1. Starting the weekend off with a 2-4-1 wine at my favorite bar. The glass was filled to the rim and I was a happy girl.
2. The next morning we hung out by our pool, before heading over the local beach bar. Bailey is just catchin' some rays and showing off his new collar.
3. Mama made a Shrimp Boil. 
4. Traditional Engagement Celebratory shots.
5. My more ways than one. That man needs some sunscreen.
6. Pulling up to disappearing island. Best time ever.
7. Bails enjoying his first boat ride with me.
8. Jason had to get in on the action. 
9. Bailey just relaxing, maxing and acting all cool - with his lifevest and budlight. 
Entirely too many pictures of Bailey. But, hey...he makes a way better model than yours truly.
Hope y'all had a wonderful Memorial Day. And let's not forget what it really is about. God bless our soliders.
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  1. awww love this! I love memorial day too, it's just the official summer kick off!

  2. so sweet, loves it. looks like a great Memday.

  3. Looks like you had a great day