Monday, June 24, 2013

Hangin' Tough

In all honesty, my weekend can be summed up in 4 words
ditto to Steph's post
Seriously, it's sad how much I copy her and want to be her. On Friday night, we went to HH to pre-game for the NKOTB, 98 degrees and Boys II Men show. Truthfully, I never was a 98 degress fan. In my childhood, you had to pick Boy Bands sides. You just simply cannot like them all. I choose NSYNC and everyday I'm grateful for that decision.
I made up for my lack of knowledge of 98 degree's songs with what I knew of NKOTB and Boys II Men. 
Yup, I even stole one of those pictures from Steph. That's pretty much what the title of this post should be "I copied Steph" 
Anyways, Saturday I received a text from  her that she purchased a new car. It's seriously gorgeous. What does any unstable person do? Start looking at cars of course. Faster than I can imagine, I ended up with this pretty girl on Sunday afternoon
The only thing I didn't do exactly like Steph was hangout with Landyn. Although, I kind of wish I did. That is one cool kid.
That's my weekend in a nutshell
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  1. YAY! An entire blog post just for me!

    Friday night was seriously too much fun for a blog post. Best night (up until 11) EVER! :)

  2. Love that your posts were so similar! Too funny...
    Congrats on the new car Girl!