Thursday, December 12, 2013

Getting Hot in herrrre

Please don't take this as bragging, but it's so flippin' Hot in Florida. Which I'm sure sounds nice to the the rest of the country.

But here's what sucks about this weather....

It obviously doesn't feel like Christmas, sure we're used to wearing short sleeves to Christmas dinner, but usually it's a tad cooler. Picking out a Christmas tree and breaking a sweat, should not go hand and hand. On that same line, It makes decorating your house in lights absolutely no fun! 
It's not even the Christmas vibe that sucks, it's staring at my pretty boots and sweaters begging to be worn as I'm putting on a maxi dress that has worn out it's welcome. This is a serious issue, Ladies. An outfit can only be rotated so many times before it's overkill, I need to put all of my tanks, maxis and sun dresses (and Flip Flops) on the back burner and wear my sweaters and boots.
Also, scarves...I want to break out my scarves SO bad!

Seeing these gorgeous outfits on Pinterest do NOT help


I'm mildly obsessed with all things Plaid & Aztec, but I just can't justify the purchases when it's 87 degrees out. Someone make it stop, pleaseee!



  1. PLease send the hot weather is so cold!

  2. I wish it got colder here in Florida. Last night it got down to 68 degrees. I think that was all for our winter lol!

  3. I am IN LOVE with that aztec sweater. Love all your outfits : )