Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I see your Weekend Update...

and raise you one 6-month update.
I admit it, I gave up on Blogging completely...for a few reasons. I was angry because I lost all of my photos - all of them. I was worn out from work and the new position I accepted and I was boring. How do you ladies find fun things to blog about? I doubt anyone wants to hear about me getting home from working, changing to yoga pants, glasses and throwing my hair up in a bun only to watch OINB or some other equally crazy show and falling asleep on the couch in an hour. 

So here's a quick 6 month update on this little life of mine. 

One year anniversary. We made it a year (well like 7 years, but had to travel back in time cause of the ol' vows.) and we started with Fireball shots and tried our cake.

You should never eat a year old cake

We visited Boston and NY. It was basically amazing and I'm already ready to go back.

It was my one of my best friend's bachelorette party, we went to her Alma Mater (FSU) for her party. It's a pretty genius bachelorette party. Tailgating is my favorite activity, after all.
The only girl I would wear Garnet and Gold for

That pretty little bachelorette from above was wed...

And Halloween

Jason had his last birthday of his twenties, complete with moonshine.

Thanksgiving, of course. In which we golfed...cause we're Floridians.

Well so far.. We've decorated the crap out of our house. And I actually have a little tutorial on my new favorite Christmas decor
And, this guy graduates (finally) from UCF on Saturday. WOO-freaking-HOO

Let's see if I can stick with this whole blogging thing this time around!