Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pesky Resolutions

I'm never ever good at keeping these. In fact, my resolutions for several years would be to not make that I didn't feel bad for breaking it.  However, Jason drilled it in my head that it was a cop-out, so instead I've been trying to make small resolutions. 

Side note: Last year, my resolution lasted 3 months

In all seriousness, my resolution is pretty much an on going thing that I've been trying to work on for months now, In looking back through my blog it's actually been a year since I wrote about it. Yup, I'm still on my life plan to find balance

This quote sums up my main resolution this year:

On top of that, I have small resolutions like:
Budgeting....aka the bane of my existence
Making the bed every morning
Update two big items on my Home list. So far we're thinking Laminate floors and perhaps our closet doors. It's sad how excited I am for those! 

What are your resolutions this year?



  1. Budgeting is everyone's bane of their existence trust! That is the top of my list this year as well!

  2. I love that quote about balance! I need more balance too!

  3. That's a great quote!! Totally true too. Samesies with the budgeting and making the bed.. haha some day we'll get there!