Monday, April 28, 2014

Bumpdate: 20 Weeks

How far along: 
20 weeks!!
Baby Size: 
Baby is the size of an banana. Mmm.
Weight gain: 
I'm growing, that's for sure! My 20 week appointment is tomorrow, but I'm thinking 10ish pounds overall.
Maternity clothes: 
I'm still living in Maxi dresses for the most part. But I do have a pair of jean shorts (above) and jeans!
Stretch marks: 
None so far. whew!
Still loving my sleep, which starts about 9:30 each night. It's also frequently interrupted thanks to my lovely bladder.
Best moment this week:
Two things: A friend's super cute baby shower and the fact that Jason's getting so excited too. For a guy that holds his emotion, I can tell he's overcome with joy! He loves sending me pictures or quotes about parenting and talking to Baby M.
Looking forward to: 
Our Gender Reveal this weekend.. I.CAN'T.WAIT.
What I miss: 
Relaxing with wine! We had our quarterly company party last week and it was completely different NOT drinking. I actually played flip cup with them, with Water of course, it was still pretty fun!
Yes! A bunch and it's so neat, and so odd to feel, at the same time.
Food cravings: 
I wouldn't say that I have "weird" cravings.  It's mostly SPK's and Ice-cream sitting at the top of my list. Specifically, Cheesecake Ice-cream with Strawberries and Brownies mixed it from ColdStone. Jason went and got me a pint of it so I can literally stop talking about for at least a month (who am I kidding, more like a week!)
Anything making you queasy or sick: 
We're so close to knowing!!!
Labor Signs: 
Nope! I'll leave this one towards the end of the surveys
Dizziness. That's about it!
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On 
Happy and Anxious. Also, entirely overwhelmed by baby stores. I ran into Buy Buy Baby to get a friend of mine's baby shower gift. Holy anxiety attack. There are so many things! I started texted Jason with S.O.S messages right around the time I was passing the 4 rows of Car Seats. Why are there so many options?
No progress, yet! Can't wait to get started on it once we know the gender.



  1. I am so excited for you to find out the gender! #TeamGirl

  2. Have fun at your gender reveal!

  3. Soooo excited for your gender reveal!! You look stunning girl!