Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Five

Happy Friday, I'm way too excited for the weekend so let's just make it start now..

I found an amazing photographer for Maternity/Newborn package photos (One whose style I loveeee, mind you) on Living Social for...wait for it....$149.
One hundred forty nine doll hairs.
I was so happy, I almost cried.
Just kidding, I did cry.
via KV Photography
The beach is calling my name and I'm answering that call tonight.
I only wish our waters were that blue in Florida.
I finally got caught up on the Real Housewives reunion.
It was just so so much.
P.s. does anyone really even like Carlton?
McDonald's cokes. I know caffeine is bad, but if you're going to have a little caffeine during pregnancy I suggest using it on McDonald's cokes. I had my first caffeinated bevy on Saturday and it was like angels were singing. It's not so bad when a friend surprises you at work with one to cheer you up either.
My friend is throwing me a Gender Reveal party in May, and the invitations have been order. She gave me a little sneak peak last night via Text and I died. 
Chevron and Tutus. Seriously could there be a better fit for me? It was the theme of my bachelorette party after all!
Let the countdown begin!


  1. Let's just agree that everybody hates Carlton, because I sure do!

  2. Those invites!! Oh my, they are CUTE!

  3. Ughhhh Carlton... yeah not a fan. But I don't hate her the way I do Melissa Gorga *gag*.

    The reunion was too much... 3 parts? Oy!

    Happy Friday :-D

  4. Carlton, ugh. She just gets on my nerves the minute she opens her mouth. And way to go on the package deal! Enjoy :)

  5. Cute invitations! And how exciting that you found a photographer! :) fun fun!

  6. I can't stand Carlton and hope they don't bring her back next season. She's such a pot stirrer and so miserable! Congrats on your photographer and love those invites!!!