Friday, June 13, 2014

Life Lessons

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Well, this could definitely be the pregnancy hormones, but I recently saw this beautiful video about a Stay-at-Home Super Dad.

 It's a tear-jerker, right? What a dad! I love this New York Life initiative - they are showcasing the good through a digital billboard which shows real-time moments of family good around Father's Day. Which by the way is this weekend!! To get involved upload photos of you and your dad or share tweets with something you've learned from him. There's a bunch of great information about this initiative here:

My dad taught me the importance of following your dreams. He's a west coaster by heart and about 10 years ago he was given the opportunity of a lifetime to move to San Francisco. It was amazing to see him fulfill his dreams and he always encourages me to fulfill mine! Life lessons like these are to be valued. Have you ever experienced a strong life lesson that changed your life for the better?

Can you even see me? Second to last row, far left

In 2006, I started my dream job with Jetblue airways. I was traveling the country and finally coming out of my shell. Yes, believe it or not, I was so incredibly shy prior to my airline career. Working as a flight attendant taught me how to talk to anyone and everyone. In each layover, I learned how to explore cities and new adventures on my own. I ate at restaurants by myself...albeit scared at first, eventually it was a sense of normalcy. I lived in two big cities that I never thought I would - New York and Boston. I really had it all. 

Slowly but surely I started missing home, I decided to go part time to allow myself to visit home more and with my "free time" went back to school. While I was home more, I reconnected with a High school friend and we eventually started dating (Hi Jason!)

A short year later I decided to make a change. I submitted my resignation to my beloved career to focus on two big things:
1. Finishing my College education that I put off for so long
2. To spend more time with the one I loved!

Resigning was scary! However, I knew I eventually wanted a family and that I wanted a decent job (with less travel) to be able to raise that family. Flash forward to today; Jason and I are married, both finally finished our education and we have Mr. Wyatt on the way. Even though I was scared back in 2009 putting in my resignation, it was for the betterment of our lives.

Tell me your life lesson! And for more information, visit here to Learn more about how New York Life can help you and your family Keep Good Going

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