Monday, June 9, 2014

Our first nursery project!

I mentioned before that we were gifted with a beautiful crib. It is a gorgeous dark wood (my favorite) and in pretty good condition - thanks, cousin! We also already had an awesome dresser passed down from my mom's old house. We just needed to do it stain the dresser and I stupidly said "easy peasy" in my previous nursery post
Last weekend we ran to Home Depot to pick up our supplies
For the stain, we made sure to get a semi-gloss to help with the inevitable "wipe downs". 
We came home eager to get to work. We prepped the Dresser and got to work.
Bailey says Hi!
 We started sanding and realized "Holy crap, this is going to last ALL weekend long." We just kept sanding. Fast forward to Sunday, and as we're talking to a friend we realized we might have gone a little crazy sanding. The point is to just get the polish off, not sand down to the actual wood. Good to know (on Friday night).
For two days after, I could literally not move my right arm. And I only sanded MAYBE two dresser draws. Jason did the whole dresser. Obviously I couldn't whine and grip to him.
We started back on the dresser this Saturday. My job was to stain the drawers and Jason took care of the dresser. The staining process was so easy (especially compared to the sanding process). It went a little something like this:
1. Apply one thin coat of stain
2. Watch an episode of Orange is the New Black
3. Apply second thin coat of stain
4. Watch an episode of Orange is the New Black
5. Apply third thin coat of stain
6. Watch an episode of Orange is the New Black
7. Make sure the stain is to your color liking
Our perfect color was there in three passes of the stain. Once we got to our desired liking, we let the dresser completely dry over night (and watched 2 more episodes of OITNB). In the morning, we went and picked up new draw pulls. Which in all honesty, is so sad how much draw pulls excite me. 
And here's the finished product. Please excuse me as I do my little happy dance.


  1. I am SO impressed! It looks like a million bucks. :) We're looking to do this with one of our dressers now!