Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Unique Baby Shower Gifts

I thought I'd share with you a couple of the unique gifts I received, they were both so thoughtful and so creative, I guarantee any Mom-to-be will love it. I might goes as far as guaranteeing tears and laughter for both :)

The first is an adorable box (which Christina filled to the brim with adorable clothes for Mr. Wyatt), but it's a keepsake box.
The box also fits perfectly into Wyatt's room.
Inside the box is this poem:
Which says:

The Love You Save
An empty box, what can it be?
I thought it was a gift for me.
Although this box is not what it seems,
It's empty now-- but oh the dreams.
Little Wyatt will soon arrive,
To begin his life with wonder and strive.
He'll learn to walk, heel to toe,
His baby shoes He'll soon outgrow
His baby teeth so white and new
You must save them all, for him and you.
And as he grows, things he'll leave behind.
Cherished things that you will find.
A lock of Hair, A Teddy Bear
These precious items you cannot spare.
So here's an Empty Box for you;
To keep these things his whole life through,
And when he is all grown up and gone, 
Your Memory Box will carry one.
The Love you saved at last complete;
All the memories, some sad, some sweet,
Will stay close to a Mother's heart....
As your little Wyatt was right from the start.

Tears, right? It was so incredibly thoughtful of Christina.

The next gift was this perfectly packed green container:
Among some of the most needed baby supplies, Ali and Amanda put together one of the cutest gifts I've ever seen. AND it involves wine...win/win.

 It included this perfect hand-made sign for Wyatt that I had pinned a while back (I told you these girls were creative)

Now on to the wine:

For you to recreate, here's what each one said:

First Baby: 
As Wyatt arrives to share your life,
Makes you now parents, not only husband and wife.
You're filled with excitement and overflowing with love,
Time to enjoy that glass of wine you're been deprived of.
So take your first sip, after months of prohibition,
And cheers to your family and that new little addition.

First Parent's Night Out:
You're a bit overwhelmed and deserve a night out,
Time together is needed beyond any doubt.
It will always feel like date night is much overdue,
And making time for each other will be hard for both of you.
So let this wine kick off the night, and as you prepare to leave, 
Remember to was all that spit-up off your sleeve!

First Married Moment:
There comes a time when boundaries are blurred, 
Privacy lost, alone time disturbed.
What's mine is yours and yours is ours,
Including toothbrushes, razors, and occasional showers.
The moment will come and you'll stop and think,
Is that really my spouse? I've only just blinked!
Regardless what happens, if you smile or curse,
Remember these words, "For better or worse!"

First Road Trip:
As you prepare for your journey you'll certainly think,
How much more can we pack; maybe we should rethink!
But it is worth the effort as you hit the road.
And then finally arrive- a drink you're both owed.
Your first trip with Wyatt is a reason to cheer,
So pop this bottle of wine and grab Jason a beer!

First Diaper Explosion:
The moment Wyatt stops smelling so pure and sweet,
You find a dirty diaper exploding at your feet.
But with a loving cuddle and their beautiful smile,
Make the joys of parenthood certainly worthwhile.
Drink this wine and look forward to counting sheep instead,
And make Jason change it while you get back to bed.

First Hanky Panky Kick-off:
Changes have happened, that is certainly true,
But you're feeling recovered, a women anew.
What happens next might certainly be fast...
But you have to remember, much time has passed!
This bottle of wine might help just a bit, 
To get things going, lickety split!

I throughly enjoyed these gifts and will keep them in mind for the next showers I attend.


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