Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween PJ Party

There's one thing for certain, I'm a HUGE fan of holidays, PJ's and outfits. Wyatt is a good sport and let's me enjoy this way too much. Jason gripes a little, but knows there will be no stopping my love affair with the holidays!
Remember when we visited the pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago, complete with the monogrammed frankenstein shirt. We picked up a Pumpkin to attend a friend's pumpkin carving party. It was so much fun! Wyatt wore his Halloween Jammies for the occasion and what better way to share than joining in the Halloween PJ Party Link up

With Kel-Kel

My lil' Pumpkin


  1. ahhh! so cute!!! tiny pumpkin and bat clad cutie.

  2. Adorable! Wish I would have seen those for my little one!

  3. Glad Wyatt made an appearance at my party! You should save those pajamas and try to squeeze him in them next year. I love them that much.