Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Happenings

This weekend was by far our most adventurous since Wyatt's been here. On Friday, the minute work was we headed out to Jacksonville to see Garth Brooks in concert. Jason's sister was so kind to watch Wyatt for us (and text us a picture almost every hour or so). 
Our seats for this concert were AMAZING. When tickets went on sale, I tried so hard to get decent tickets and we wound up with okay ones for the concert on October 10th. About an hour after we purchased them, I was talking with a friend and she mentioned he opened up 3 more dates. I quickly tried for October 17th and within seconds Ticketmaster offered me tickets in the 9th row. Thank you, Ticketmaster..I'll take 'em. The seats were dead center, so we had a fantastic view of the whole stage.
Which was especially delightful when Garth broke out "Friends in Low Places"
Seeing "Friends in Low Places" live = amazing!
After the concert, we drove the 2 hours home. Which actually ended up taking us almost 3 hours, since it took forever to get out of the parking garage and I missed the interstate FOUR times. Unfortunately, that's not an exaggeration.

We were slow to get moving on Saturday and Wyatt wasn't hating the slow life. After breakfast (for him), we took a small nap on the couch and then headed out to enjoy the slightly cooler weather. We visited a local pumpkin patch so I could get some pictures

...and pick up a pumpkin for Steph's carving party!

On Sunday, we headed over to my mom's house in New Smyrna Beach so Wyatt could meet Uncle John-John. We were just too happy that he's home and we forgot to take a single picture. Next time!


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  1. Love his little monogram shirt! I still can't get over that you're a Mom, with a real live baby! haha Thanks for coming to the Pumpkin Carvin' party, even if you didn't carve a pumpkin ;)