Thursday, October 2, 2014

Welcoming Wyatt

Throughout my pregnancy there were talks of C-section, Wyatt was measuring in the 90th percentile and my doctor just advised me that our safest route might be C-section. We kept our options open, but decided to have a ultrasound at 38 weeks (August 29th) to check on his size before making a decision.

That week I came down with a cold. Nothing too crazy, but enough to keep me up at night and away from work. We went into our 38th week appointment in the mindset that if he was measuring over 8 1/2 lbs, we would go C-section. Figuring my doctor likes to schedule them on the 39th week, we were thinking we would have a baby somewhere around September 10th if we went that route. 

During the ultrasound it was discovered that my fluids were low (presumably from that stupid cold) and Wyatt was measuring 9.13 lbs....well above our deciding factor number. This was a friday before Labor day weekend and my doctor didn't want to take anything lightly. Her plan...We'd go to the hospital the following day for another fluid check, if was low again we would have Wyatt right then and there (this is about the point I stopped listening and started freaking out), if Fluids were staying put we would go in for our C-section the following Wednesday. OH.MY.WORD. 

It's crazy to me that you plan for the delivery for 10 months, but somehow you're still so unprepared when it happens. Saturday morning, Jason and I headed into the Hospital for a fluid check. Much to our delight, everything was okay. Which meant one thing, Wednesday September 3rd was our day!

On Wednesday we had to be at the hospital at 11am, I was instructed to fast (no food or water) for 12 hrs prior. We went in, they hooked me up to a few monitors and then Wyatt up to a fetal monitor. Everything was still looking great. Apparently I was having fairly strong contractions about 3 minutes apart, the doctor was shocked that I wasn't feeling them. After about 45 minutes, the Anesthesiologist came in to go over his portion and get me hooked up to a epidural catheter. He first gave me a numbing shot and then the epidural. Pretty pain free.

It took about another 30-45 minutes for the medicine to completely kick in. I couldn't feel anything from my rib cage down to my toes. Once it was all set-up, they wheeled us into an OR. This was right around 1:50pm.  

Jason was on my left side and a lovely nurse with the most calming voice was on my right, she was letting me know what was going on the whole time. 

Wyatt was born at 2:02pm, Weighing 10.2 lbs and measuring 21 inches long.

As soon as they took him out, they brought Jason to watch him being cleaned off and measured. This is also the point that Jason's and I's marriage got real (as in he saw my intestines, poor guy!)After Wyatt was weighed, they brought him over to me and I was able to hold him for a bit. 

They wheeled him out with Jason to head on over to the Recovery room while they finished me up. Jason was able to swing by and introduce Wyatt to his Mimi, Grandma and Aunt. 

We were in Recovery room for about 2 hours, I was able to do skin to skin with Wyatt pretty much the whole time. As soon as I regained feeling in my legs they moved us up to our room. Our stay at Winnie Palmer was wonderful (except for one minor glitch during a shift change). 

Since we've been home Wyatt, Jason, Bailey and I have been figuring out this whole new life. Teamwork takes on a whole new meaning with a child. Jason and I are now able to function off 5 hours of sleep, Bailey has learned to be gentle and he's so protective...and Wyatt, well he's doing a good job at letting us know what he needs. He's sleeping in our room in his Rock N' Play for the time-being - Jason and I need to make the big transition to his room/his crib soon. (#icant)

He'll be a month old on Friday and I feel like we need a big celebration to mark making it the first month. 



  1. Finally, #WyattWednesday made it to the blog! I've never seen the delivery room photo either! I can't believe he'll already be a month old on Friday. Where does the time go? haha. Such a cute little thing, that guy!

  2. WYATT!!!!! So glad to see you post....and love seeing photos of the little man. You both look great, so thrilled for you with this new addition! xo

  3. Aww he is sooo cute!! That is an amazing story. Congrats and you will make a great mother :)

  4. So beautiful! Not that this isn't obvious, but you def made a football player! That boy is strong!

  5. So happy for you and Jason! He's perfect!

  6. !!!! That full head of hair is too darn cute. So happy for you two :)

  7. Congrats! Glad y'all made it through delivery safely!