Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bump Date: 22 Weeks (with Caroline)

So I'm really delayed in this, I've been swept up in live. However, I used this blog as a diary and I desperately want to remember these times.
How far along: 
22 Weeks
Baby Size: 
She is the size of a Squash <3
Weight gain: 
5 so far. 
Maternity clothes: 
Oh yeah, just a little secret..I've been wearing Maternity jeans since my last pregnancy. Elastic waist bands FTW!
Stretch marks: 
No new ones. Just my left over stripes from Wy
Pretty decent. 
Best moment this week:
Thanksgiving! :)
Looking forward to: 
Spending time with Family and the Holidays!
What I miss: 
If we're being honest...Champagne!
Oh yeah! She's a little active one!
Food cravings: 
It's very specific depending on the day. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: 
A GIRL - I'm gonna do an update on our Gender Day! :)
Labor Signs: 
Killer pelvic pain, a big ol' round belly and the normal fun pregnancy hormones
Belly Button in or out? It's still a smidge in :)
Wedding rings on or off? On
Super excited!!!
We were looking at houses for a bit, but we've decided to make this one work for a while. Which means Man Cave = out // Nursery = in. And a whole to-do list that goes along with it. The good news is our crib and mattress just arrived, so we're makin' moves!

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