Monday, November 16, 2015


Luckily for Wyatt, Papa moved back to Orlando and his boss is Mickey. Therefore Wyatt was spoiled with a little visit to Magic Kingdom to celebrate turning 1.
(ignore the shoes - he was just learning how to walk)

Jason and I haven't been to disney in years, so we planned to try and take it slow.  I've clearly never been with a child of my own, so I had no clue what to expect. Thankfully we're able to go pretty easily being Floridians so we didn't have to pack everything into one day. Our goal was three rides and to see Mickey.

We made it through the 3 rides, grabbed lunch, stumbled upon a parade and somehow Wyatt fell into a nap. Jason and I dodge the heat for AC and waited near the Mickey line for him to wake. 

Wyatt was still a little groggy waking up, but he sure didn't miss his opportunity to give his pal Mickey a little high five.

Caroline enjoyed her first visit too ;), but I'm sure she'll enjoy her next one even more. 

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