Monday, November 2, 2015

It's a GIRL

Words cannot express how FUN it was to hear those three little words. <3
Back in March, for my birthday, Jason purchased a Groupon for a home cleaning service. After numerous (EIGHT) attempts to use it, I gave up. And those Groupon bucks just sat in my account. 
Well right around Labor Day I received an email from Groupon about their sales. And at the top of that email? 3D Gender sneak peek for 15, YES! I quickly used my Groupon bucks and scheduled my appointment.
We went down that day anxious (and me, with a full bladder - you have to basically drink an ocean to see a baby..or something like that!). Jason and I decided to find out together, in that room. We were heading out of town the following weekend, so we just decided to have family over for BBQ the day after! :)
As we sat in the room SO many thoughts went through my head. Jason was convinced it was a boy..and I was hanging on home it was a girl. The tech? Didn't say a peep. She saw us joke with eachother, overheard our comments (and our bet) and had no emotion on her face. None. Actually, pretty positive she was a robot at this point.
But about 20 minutes later she showed us what she was looking at - and right then and there, I KNEW it was a girl. Happy Tears, clapping, arm pumping all of that happened (from me!), while Jason sat there figuring out how he's going to afford to spoil 2 ladies in his life. 

Like I mentioned the next day some of our family members and close friends came over for a quick dinner and surprise. I purchased cute little poppers from Etsy and Jason and I practiced on the blue ones to make sure we could do them right :) Thank goodness, because it was perfect:
Our family was beginning to be complete:


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