Thursday, March 24, 2016

Caroline is HERE

I really let go of the blogging reigns a while back, but I wanted to take time after Caroline was here and put my pregnancy and delivery into words (Moreso for me, but're here too!)

I'm now a firm believer that girls are high-maintenance from the start. And as a "girly girl" I can say that. Caroline fit the mold. Her pregnancy was completely different than Wyatt's, she just wanted to make sure I was ready for her. I was sick pretty much the first 14 weeks, had incredibly bad bone pain and developed gestational diabetes with her. Because of that, I checked into my office 2 days a week for a little NST. All of them seemed normal, so we were able to schedule a repeat c-section for March 23rd. 

The day before, the doctor talked to me about gestational diabetes affects on the baby. And that there was going to be a NICU team in the room in case her sugars were bad. I basically stopped listening from there and went into anxiety mode. Meanwhile, I swung Wyatt by the doctor since he was starting to get sick. He had a lovely green hue streaming from his nose and I knew that something was about to get icky. The doctor ensured me it was allergies and he was fine.

The night before Caroline's schedule C-section, I was a basket case. Wyatt started coughing, I was fearing the NICU team was going to be needed and I couldn't contain the fear of having two babies. Basket CASE.  We had to be at the hospital at 9am, so I woke with Wyatt and all he wanted to do was be held. I knew then, it wasn't just was sickness. Sure enough, he was running a fever.  He didn't want me to leave his side.

Jason came to the living room "Time to go" -- Wyatt refused to let me go. Which of course made me burst into tears. The whole way to the hospital I was just crying. Everything hitting me at once.

The nurses and doctors at Winnie Palmer were AMAZING. The caught on right away that I was a little emotional and were so helpful. Soon enough I was laughing and being assured that both my babies were just fine.

At 10:46, our hearts grew a whole lot bigger when Caroline made her entrance 

And then once her brother got a little bit better, he was able to come meet her: